2021, aka, The year I listened to one book on repeat:
Act Your Age Eve Brown.

2022: Favourite single read is Legends and Lattes by Travis Baldree. Made for me. House in the Cerulean Sea from TJ Klune was very very close.
Favourite series: The Veronica Speedwell series by Deanna Raybourn made me want to kiss the pages I started reading again. Such a blast!
What have you been reading?

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Loved talk during the build and chat today.
Got me thinking of my favourite books since I started reading for fun after reading The Alchemist in winter of 2019.

Reading The Hobbit and LotR. Yes, two series, but it took over my soul. Glad I finally got to read them.
Also Get A Life Chloe Brown, Take A Hint Dani Brown, (another repeat read for the list), and Monstrous Regiment. Lots of others, but those are my favourites...

I miss my community in so much.
It's been a rough few years, but I am so grateful for all the warmth, welcome, and friendship I have found here.
I am doing everything I can to continue to give back to the community, my secret identity is just taking time to allow more space for play, creation, and joy.
Thank you all for continuing to build such a wonderful space to exist in. I am so happy to be in this neighborhood. πŸ–€

CW: board game convention 

Had so much fun playing .
Most beloved were Flamecraft, (a must have for me.
However, I enjoyed just getting to relax, have fun, meet new people, and play games.
I really enjoyed Too Many Bones from Chip Theory. Holy cow I could spend another day playing the Chip adventure and LOVED the characters! πŸ₯°πŸ–€
As usual, I was so busy playing I forgot to take pictures. πŸ˜…
But I remembered to snap a quick photo.

Heading to GridCon this weekend. Looking forward to a play convention and seeing my friends in the UK before I head back to California.
So many I have been wanting to play, it's hard to pick which to play first. πŸ₯°πŸ–€

@doug @zhoekstra check my account for links to gumroad, where you can financially support the server

I have been working on as I travel and recuperate. Because of that I often have bits of yarn on me, which has been extremely exciting when making friends like Larry, the of St Ives.

I'm glad we're all learning together as a community, and for anyone also struggling to get their head round this new green and pleasant land, I found this page helpful:


Also, I have learnt that:
- Toots aren't threaded (if you're unsure what that is, think old style text messaging)
- Hashtags are important (although I haven't quite figured out using them yet)
- @host is your admin for this server

Hello everyone! This is my . I'm Mo! I love games that help people feel comfortable with their relationship with play as adult humans who may have lost their joy.
I will be streaming games, Legos, and sing alongs on Twitch.tv/Gamefreakgeek
This is my face! Hello! πŸ₯°πŸ–€
What have you been doing for fun?

I got a copy of Bag of Butts at Essen. Worth it for the bun appreciation.
This is one for friends who are shy about rules, enjoy light fun, and silly humour. You pull two numbered groups from the bag.
The one with the bag of butts will choose a group and score those butts. If there is a special butt in every group, the rounds begin again until someone has 28 points.
I enjoyed it, and I want to put tattoos on my butts.
Picture of Bag of Butts. A silly game I am fond of.

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