Let's visit Middle Earth today, with the oh so melancholic Song of Durin

Song of Durin - JRR Tolkien / clamavi de profundis

This song calls to apart of khazâd blood, hidden somewhere in my veins.

So, let's do it !

I'm starting Egal Rites, read by
Indira Varma. Again, a great choice of voice
And let's not forget Bill Nighy and Peter Serafinowicz

Thank you all... so so much

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I can't thanks enough all people involved in this collection of audiobooks❤️

See, since the passing of Terry Pratchett I had big difficulties reading his books ; some kind of reader's block, which is sad, considering that not reading his books is no a good way to honor his memory

But it seems that this block can be cured by an healthy dose of good audiobooks

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I've just finish listening to the Small Gods audiobook read by
Andy serkis. Boy, what a treat !

I had mostly forgotten this novel so I rediscovered it. It's a wonderfull standalone Diskworld story. One amongst the greatest I daresay.

Something softer today on
Omorphi ke paraxeni patrida - Angelikí Ionátou
This song deeply moves me everytime I listen to it
When I was a kid/teen I listen to the Archipel album from Angeliki Ionátou so many times.

Today on
The Vampire from Nazareth - Septicflesh
Septicflesh ia a greek band of symphonic death metal
This is the band through which I discovered symphonic death metal in 2014
I like this style of metal, but only listen to it with parsimony

It took 32 years before we had a third Predator movie worth the watch. 32 !
But now it's done ! Prey is a very satisfying movie, in itself as well as a predator movie.

I have an urge to share my musical listenings. So here is , where I'll post songs and music I like from time to time.

Heartless Scat - Ningen Isu

Ningen Isu is a hard rock / heavy metal band from Japan. They are active since 1989.
More than 30 years, and 20+ albums.
It seems that the Interwebs discovered them quite recently (arounr 2020).
I find they "grandpa rocker" quite cool, and I'm a fan of their music style.

Non, Macron n'est pas "un peu de gauche et un peu de droite".
Non, Le programme du Rassemblement National n'est pas "plus social" qu'avant.
Au delà des beaux discours, sur les enjeux importants, immanquablement les masques tombent.

Pour financer la lutte dessinée :
▶️ ko-fi.com/allanbarte

▶️ Source : bfmtv.com/politique/pouvoir-d-

#SMIC #LREM #Renaissance #RN #NUPES #Droite #Gauche

"There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your game-system."
Hamlet RPG

A very interesting video
There's ideas to take here for fiction and rpg

Dis moi @GreatKingRatigan , vu comment tu es lancé sur The Orville, il me vient une question : connais tu le JDR français Final Frontier ?
C'est un chouette jeu pour faire du Star-Trek-like.
Il fut publié en 2006 par John Doe, mais depuis l'auteur l'a mis à disposition gratuitement sur son site

One challenge that I face frequently is to avoid adding unecessary dicerolls to the system.
It's important to realize that a lot of dicerolls are unecessary.

"gamedesinging" ?
Seriously, François !
What is gamedesinging ?
Is it making a version of The Voice but with mimes ?

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Last day at work before three weeks of vacations. At last !
Some serious reading, watching and gamedesinging to do.

To be honest, my productivity took a hard hit when I started playing Persona 5 Royal, two weeks ago.
But it's feeding my creativity I think. Or is it an excuse ?
I don't care. This game is great !

It seems I'm bad at keeping a social account active. 😅​
Today I managed to do some work on my gamesystem. Good for me. Yeaahh !
But soon I'll have some holidays. I'll be doing some playtest.

#dnd #ttrpg cursed item
Bluebird of Sadness.
This little amulet is a lapis lazuli stone carved as a small flying bird. It is magical and can be detected as such. Study (spell or other) will tell its user it is a Bird of Knowledge. Attune to it to gain a bird’s view of (…)

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