Writing down the core mechanisms of the 4th version of my system.
To be honest it's more the 6th or 7th version, but some of them didn't lived long enough to get a number 😅​
It seems to be getting lighter with every iteration. The goal being to make a lighter version of a system I find too heavy now... let's say I'm going int he right direction
I'm MaryKondoing some rules !
"Does this rule gives me joy ? No... bye bye !"

In a Marvel RPG Sandbox campaign, if I play Flint Marko, is it cheating ?

"I feel... A disturbance in the Force !"
I made this drawing 28 years ago 😅​

Hey, @e_eric, @gobelin_nounours :
By my faith! For nearly thirty years I have been playing FK(R) without knowing anything about it, and I am much obliged to you for having taught me that.
Or to put it in Molière's langage:
"Par ma foi ! il y a trente ans que je joue du FK(R) sans que j'en susse rien, et je vous suis le plus obligé du monde de m'avoir appris cela".

Cette chanson a presque 70 ans
Est-elle encore d'actualité ?

I was a busy week. I couldn't spend much time here. So what could I say to break the silence ?
Last week-end I rewatched (again) The World's End. Such a geat movie.
I also watched Lilo & Stitch. I only saw it once, in 2002. It was a nice surprise. It's fun and beautifully drawn.

Indira Varma, Bill Nighy, Andy Serkis...❤️​
That's so so cool. It's going to be great.
And yet I was crying while watching this video. I'm still mourning Terry Pratchett's passing.

💰 J'ai complété mon article sur les #NTF avec un petit point sur les "gas fees".
C'est l'escroquerie n°19.

Sometimes a discussion about a small aspect of your game's mechanics, starting more or less like "It feels odds that..." can unravel things and send you back to the workbench with the system's guts all over the place.
It's fun, but a little bit exhausting
But very useful !

#jam (défi de création de jeu) #jdr inspirée par l'excellent #laserandfeelings de @john_harper ça vous dit ?

#jam (game creation challenge) #ttrpg inspired by the excellent Laser & Feelings by John Harper, are you in ?



Coming here has made me reconnect with part of the french crowd.
It's nice and interessing. But I realise that I have been out of touch for some years.
So, I'm gathering a lot of food for my thoughts. Only problem is, I lack time to correctly digest all this.
But it's nice, nonetheless.

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