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hi folks! i'm going to have to move due to safety issues, and i will have to pay a higher rent and might be temporarily out of a job because of it.

if you can, and if you've enjoyed my art or otherwise just want to help an nb gal find a nice home, please consider donating at
venmo: @sarah-kreeft
paypal (it's old 😅): kai.waii.vesa@gmail.com

It has been decided that the party dynamic for my sunday game is
"Elder" Druid: Mom
Wizard: sane Aunt
Ranger: Wierd Aunt
Bard: Teenager
Goblin Druid: Literal Child

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I made a terrible game where you have to guess which bad domain name is more expensive: domain-pricing.glitch.me/

No ones allowed to say Otherkin isn't a real then my back starts trying to kill me the day I stretch my wings.

@A_Grain_Of_Salt Theres a campaign setting by Mage Hand Press named Darkmatter. D&D 5e in space. Probably take care of most of the conversion. store.magehandpress.com/produc

re: alcohol party game request 

@eilidhbranch Jackbox party packs are always great!

Live Alert, Twitch 

D&D is canceled today, so I'm going live a little early with something else.

Continuing RE4, EightbitAya will be keeping my company through bad controls. XD

streaming, podcasting 

I want so much to be involved in more streamed/podcasted TTRPG content in 2019. But I'm only available before 1pm cst.

If you are looking for players for something upcoming or current, let me know.

I'm best know, and homebrew for, D&D 5e. But, am eager to learn more systems.

re: Critical Role Campaign 2 Spoilers 

@artisticfennec Still, it took me a couple views to mark the significance of the scene change. ;)

re: Critical Role Campaign 2 Spoilers 

@artisticfennec I mean, I guess you can watch it once he's announced.

re: Critical Role Campaign 2 Spoilers 

@artisticfennec WHen you get caught up, pay attension to the new animated intro, theres a really well done scene change fro ma Molly Tribute to Talisen's new character.

re: Artist venting 

@daisy_todd I mean, I would be worried about anyone who isn't driven to unspeakable rage by that


Stream, Twitch, Resident Evil 

Live! With one of my Christmas Gifts!

My friend EightbitAya sent me RE4 on steam for Christmas, so we're gonna spend at least a couple hours playing it :P


@elime In fact, the core area of my setting doesn't allow Tieflings. Given the nature of the unique environmental hazard that exists globally in the material plane, the nine hells (including the abyss) have a grand magic working in place to prevent the summoning of Devils.

Devils exposed to this hazard tend to mutate into Demons. Best the demon army not grow in size.

@elime Rules and mechanic, and that includes player race, have to fit the flavor and history of the setting. Its not uncommon to limit races who either have no historical place, or have lore that prevent their appearance.

You good ;)

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