Good news: I have a job offer!
Bad news: I'm too broke to take it, but if I don't, I lose my unemployment for refusing a job. It's in Rochester NY, about 4 hours away. I need $60 for the Amtrak ticket, cash for cheap food until I get a paycheck, and a couch to crash on until I can get a furnished room. I have for sale, and donations are also an option, although I have a hard time just asking for money. or$tarlimanjoppos

@FASA_Andrew_1879 Hey, do you have FB? I'm originally from Rochester, and if you ping me on Facebook, I can get you in touch with family/friends/potential couches

@aldersprig I'm on FB as Andrew Ragland, look for the avatar with the woman with the chicken on her head. I'll try to find you there.

@FASA_Andrew_1879 sent those pictures to various family. One wants to know if you've got anything dragony? And also how much is the pawprint one?

@qwertystop The pawprint one is $60 including shipping. Sorry, I sold my last dragon-pendant necklace a week or so ago. I've got one that's black and silver with a big battleaxe if they want something kind of metal.

@FASA_Andrew_1879 congratulations on the job offer! i hope you’re able to get through the hoops to accepting it. sent what i could. hang in there !

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