UPDATE/CORRECTION: I have a 3000 word piece that needs a diversity review by 13 June. The reviewer must be a PoC, and preferably a black woman from the American South, as that's the character involved. FASA Games Inc. will pay the going rate. Please contact me privately if interested.


You might contact Nisi Shawl - either for doing the work, or for a reference for someone who could.

I know her only tangentially as a friend of a friend, but she was willing to help our organization (a co-working space) to try to improve its diversity outreach some years back.

@FASA_Andrew_1879 Out of curiosity, is this a common practice in the US (I assume you're in the US, could be wrong)?

I'm in the USA, yes. No, it's not a common practice, but an effort is being made to make it so. The idea is to have someone of the described culture review the piece, when it's written by someone who is not from that culture, to avoid unintentional bias and ensure accurate representation. See the work of James Mendez Hodes for a better explanation of why this is done.

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