NSFW as a concept implies capitalist oppression. Discuss.

But seriously: "NSFW" as a category so remarkably means specifically "no nudity". It means now that 'work' is tied to a very specific morality stance, one that a lot of communities don't actually hold.

The dissonance is really weird. It plays into a really Christian mindset about business, and it underscores how capital and religion are intertwined.

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Capitalism and Calvinism have been closely linked since the 1700s. Look into the rise of the Scottish tobacco lords, Rev John Witherspoon, and the life of Adam Smith, as starting points, if you haven't already.

@aredridel you're a historian? I get excited when I meet another historian!

@FASA_Andrew_1879 As much as an obsessive and critical reader of social history can be without it being a specific field of study, quite.

@aredridel And an unschooler! We unschooled all three of our children - the youngest is 19 now - after middle child went into first grade and the school turned out to be a Very Bad Idea.

@FASA_Andrew_1879 Oh wow, nice!

It was such a good upbringing. Wasn't perfect for all of my peers, but a great number of us really did exceptionally because of it.


@aredridel One size doesn't fit all, but we realized that we couldn't possibly do a worse job than the public school system where we were living, and we might do better. Getting involved in a secular unschooling group turned out to be an excellent decision, did wonders for socialization for our Asperger's youngest.

@FASA_Andrew_1879 Oh GOSH yes. Pretty sure there's nothing better than a band of misfits for people who socialize weirdly.

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