@banjofox A fox is cat software running on dog hardware, so I'd be surprised if you had the dog libraries loaded.


Wait I was supposed to have -cat- running?

I flashed wile-e-coyote.bin ages ago!

@banjofox that would explain the total lack of a gravity recognition driver.

@banjofox I dunno. At the very least, you're going to have to flash new firmware, and then you have to worry about runtime dependencies, and make sure you have the right drivers loaded for the hardware... but given the known security vulnerability to the ACME.product attack, and the possibility of a b.bunny intrusion causing a logic fault, it's probably worth it.



There are soooo many cat firmwares!
They all have different version strings too. Not sure which one to pick!


Maybe I should run this friendly_computer.exe. Maybe they'll be able to help.

@banjofox Your message has been blocked by our malware filters. Please scan your system. ERROR: bonzi.buddy

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