Heads Up:
I'm migrating all my non-FASA stuff, personal posts and Venleitche and politics and stuff, to @WanderingBeekeeper, to separate my stuff from company stuff. I'll be sending out Follow requests as appropriate.

I'm breaking Magic out to its own chapter. As deep as the subject goes and as tightly integrated into the game world as it is, Magic needs to be treated on its own, not as part of another section.

Working on Venlietche, added a Creatures chapter. Not sure how I missed that for so long. Got through the combat mechanic in two pages after considerable work tightening it up. Now working on Magic.

All these articles on the costs of being poor don't address the time issue. I'm losing 25 minutes out of my evening because I have to wait for a connecting bus. How much time do people lose out of their lives when they can't afford a car?

Adding some Backgrounds and Professions to the list for Venlietche, including Dockside, Water Born, and Caravan Born along with Sailor and Trader.

Welp, first time I have to do the weekly Ko-Fi post; this time we were billed into the ground ( house bill, which includes all utilities, car insurance, etc ) so we're left with $45 to last the next two weeks and half of that has to go to gas. So pet food and litter is going to be almost impossible for us to swing until next paycheck which is the 26th. So ONLY if you are able, willing and like my work, please consider tipping me or sharing my Ko-Fi! Tysm for your support!

Realized I had totally spaced on an equipment section for Venlietche. There's now a placeholder document for a Stuff chapter.

I pledge allegiance to myself

Food, shelter, and health

Put your oxygen mask on first before you offer me help

I've got receipts made of scar tissue

Got the vision of somebody going fishing in the dark

When I start up the motor, it still turns over

But nowadays, a little bit slower

Never been afraid of getting older

I'm much more nervous about these public servants

Kill the lights and shut the curtains

Looking at myself like, "What's the purpose?"

Forty years ago or so, when I was a teenager, people would say "fish" when they faked you out. Anybody know the etymology? The usual online search engines are not being useful here.

I'm debating the structure of Venleitche, my game, in terms of form and format. Would it be better to have a single book, with the mechanics and a game world integrated into the examples, or two books, one with the mechanics and the other with the game world and any mechanical specifics it requires? If this system takes off, I already have a second setting planned.

Advantage of the new job: there's some kind of confab in the building about once a week. Today, the leftovers from Peg Leg Porker, a local BBQ place, were set out in the break area. I can't eat pork (food allergy), but hey, I have peach cobbler to go with my paneer jalfrezi.

hurrah for the time man!

> [A] scientific management engineer has come into a metal shop to time the workers and speed them up. And the workers, of course, are hassling this college boy however they can. Then, the engineer climbs up on a catwalk to look at something, slips, and tumbles into a vat of molten metal. Seeing him vaporized, the workers on the floor give up a cheer: “Hurrah for the time man!”


Asking for urgent help, PayPal link 

I'm four days away from getting my student loan in, but my fridge is empty, if anyone has anything to spare then I would appreciate it.

My paypal is


If you cannot, then please continue to enjoy my poetry <3

700 words added to the Playing the Game chapter for Venlietche, and a lot of organization done. The mechanic is coming together.

hey this year on 9/11, instead of making jokes about a national tragedy maybe people on mastodon could talk about how there was a sharp uptick in violence against Muslims and anyone who "looked" like they could be Muslim and they still feel the effects of it today


Don't just read the link and go "I can't strike," there's also coordinated protests and other ways to get involved.

As the website says, "[o]ur house is on fire - let's act like it."

(Boost this or a better call to action, or write your own, please.)

Science Officer Don Pettit made a spherical planter to grow tomato and basil seeds on the ISS with plastic bag as a greenhouse, a pair of his used underpants and some Russian toilet paper.

So tired. I have one mortgage on a farm we can't sell because the damn pipeline killed the property values and the caretaker trashed and abandoned the house, another on the place where my family is living that has no electricity in half the house because we can't afford an electrician. I'm off my blood pressure meds because I have no insurance coverage. My side hustle is failing because the company can't keep a layout person. I have the crud. Please let it stop.

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