Ch10 of the 1879 GM's Guide (, Steam Powered, talk about how steam actually works, including the microsteam engine, a key component of the game world, then moves on to the airships.

Blog entry done, 2100 words of adventure for the 17 Feb post, as the players follow up a solid lead and get promised more of the story later if they meet at a bar after working hours.

Ch9 of the 1879 GM's Guide (, Fatigue, Illness, and Injury, shows the aftermath of the other day's rockslide. Hey, everybody survived, although somewhat the worse for wear.

Nearly done with Act I of this year's Gencon scenario. Acts II and III sketched out.

I'm having really mixed feelings about a counted-thread pattern (i.e. a pattern that designates every stitch for you) that's called "Color Outside the Lines."

(I have similar feelings about the Red Hat Society, which takes a poem about a woman wearing whatever the heck she wants and turns it into very strict color requirements.)

In this week's 1879 Line Developer blog, we discuss the speciation of homo sapiens, and its scientific and cultural impact. What happens when people start changing, and new species arise that are visibly different from base stock humans?

Boost if you also would like to destroy the White Christian American nuclear family by giving them free healthcare and college

I got a truly epic birthday card from my wife's parents. Yes, the pink swirl is glitter.

current motto: "Everyone has a testing environment. Some people are lucky enough to have a seperate production environment."

Ch8 of the 1879 GM's Guide (, Perils of Adventuring, provides the mechanics for "rocks fall, everybody dies", among other hazards.

The rule is, you ask the person behind you before you lean your seat back. Failure to do so makes you a rude-ass selfish jerk who deserves to be called out and made as miserable as the people around you can manage. Also, when an old person says you hurt them, you don't get to say you didn't.

For Ch7, Adventures and Campaigns, of the 1879 GM's Guide (, we decided to lean into the word "Campaigns" and show a military campaign being planned.

The Alpactus, an animal that doesn't exist. Or maybe a plant, I'm not completely sure. 🌵

#MastoArt #LineArt #Alpaca #Cactus #creativetoot #Ink

One recurring problem in the book world is that minority writers often get really dragged through the mud for their representation because it doesn't represent all people in the author's ethnicity and sexuality. Like, suddenly, you are tasked with presenting the entirety of everything perfectly when everyone else gets to be a part of a dialogue.

The opening for Ch6, Gamemaster Characters, of the 1879 GM's Guide ( shows why trolls tend to keep to themselves. While our dwarf and elf readily fit in the first class compartment, Mr. Troll is going to have a very stiff neck by the destination.

This weekend could turn ugly. We're forecast for 8" to 12" of snow on Saturday, and another 1" to 3" on Sunday of mixed snow and ice. The only good news is that Monday is a gazetted holiday and the client office will be closed.

I thought Zamfir was dead. Where did this Chinese restaurant get the tape of Disney songs on pan pipes?

For the opening of Ch5, Gamemastering 1879, of the 1879 GM's Guide (, we thought it would be cool to show the players as their characters, in a game world setting.

One of the coolest things about being an adult is that I get to set my own bedtime. Tonight, it's 8:30. I'm tired...

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