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Unemployed, selling to buy groceries: Leather is US$80 including USA shipping. Leather Pride chokers are heavy collars, 1.5 inches wide, with large steel clips for closures, US$40 including US shipping and I have five in stock. Leather Pride flag shirt is XXL but will fit smaller sizes as maille collapses to the wearer's frame. It's 18k rings, bright aluminum and anodized aluminum, US$600 plus shipping. paypal.me/tarlimanjoppos please boost

Still no job, and freelancing has pretty much dried up completely.

If you've got a couple bucks spare I could use the help. :/


(And thank you. I hate to ask *again*, and I can't wait until I'm the one able to *send* money to folks in need. #transcrowdfund )

Dang it, I had interviews with two people so I brought two copies of my CV, should have brought three. They tossed in another interviewer on me.

Wandering Beekeeper Patreon Update 2019-03-18

Patrons at the Curious Onlooker (US$1) level and higher just got the fifth and last sample character, Owl, the Deep Knowledge Mystic, for review and critique. Want to know more about that I'm building? Click through to the Wandering Beekeeper site!

I have a job interview in the morning, on site, in person. I really need this as unemployment benefits won't be enough to keep us from losing the house.

This is Manisero, or "Manny", a Snowmass alpaca and one of our herd sires. Sadly, we had to sell him to make the move up to New York, but we still have a few of his progeny.

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Working on 1880s hospital trains for 1879, FASA's . Did you know that in 1880, doctors in the British Army were not commissioned officers, but poorly paid civilian adjuncts?

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workers organizing fast food with IWW are some of the bravest folks out there ✊

solidarity and love to the burgerville workers union and the little big union
4 workers at little bug burger …

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Designing inefficient locomotives for the post-Crimean British Commissariat and Transport Department, because of course they hadn't got their jobs sorted out yet.

In this week's 1879 Line Developer blog, we talk about the odds of being poisoned in the late Victorian era, accidentally or deliberately, and things your characters really ought to watch out for. fasagames.com/1879/1879-stuff-

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Unemployed, selling what I have to pay bills / keep my home. Two handmade watch chains with sprocket fobs, 18" with 2" vest chain, stainless steel lobster claw for watch, solid brass, $40 each including USA shipping to PayPal.me/tarlimanjoppos please boost

Of all the Professions in the 1879 Players Guide (bit.ly/2VW0CIq), the one we chose to make the most obviously was the Doctor. What stories does your game system tell?

All of my benefits have been stopped because I was declared fit to work (I am very much not fit to work.) Rune has had no hours from their two jobs. We've had no income since the end of January. Thank you to all of you who have shared and donated, we'd already be completely screwed without your help. Apologies for continuing to spam your timelines with our begging, but we have no other options. Please do check out @pupper for details of their art commissions. Thank you!


FASA Games Inc. offers its deepest condolences to the Muslim community of New Zealand, and to the larger global community, in this time of grief. Know that you are always welcome at our table.

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