I need to find a new instance for my personal account, WanderingBeekeeper. While I like the folks at dice.camp, the instance seems to be down more than it's up lately, and I don't have the skills, the time, or the cash to help with that. I was thinking about weirder.earth maybe. Recommendations for a writer who talks a lot about rolegaming and leftist politics?

Short story about a veterinarian in a world where has returned: Dr. Max Keblovszkij: A Shocking Delivery, this week on !


session for GaryCon went splendidly, thank you to all who participated! First group I've had that just charged in guns blazing. Fortunately, this was anticipated when I wrote the adventure, so I had guidance, yay past me for thinking about this already. If you want to try out the system, get a few people together and let me know, and I'll run something for you.

Tonight's session for GaryCon XII is fully booked, thank you! If you would be interested in playing 1879, let me know, and I can set up further sessions on the FASA Discord server.

players - I have four openings in my GaryCon session, this Friday at 7pm US CT. If you have not played FASA's steampunk sequel to and replacement for , this is your opportunity to play with the line developer. See tabletop.events/conventions/ga for more information.

Today's new page on the Bearers of the Helm campaign wiki: The Bearers get access to Kethos' private lab, but it's already been tossed.

I need an alternative to Box that offers git-level versioning and checkout/in control, and that is Linux compatible. Box has declared its allegiance to Microsoft and screw you Mac and Linux users, and doesn't have a sufficiently robust control mechanism.

Kindly Note: I do not have the cycles for self hosting. Recommendations that involve self hosting will be rudely dismissed for failure to read the specifications. Sorry, but last time I asked this I got flooded with useless self-hosting.

This week, we have pre-production art from that didn't make it into the game. Here's a look back at the origins of the product line and directions it might have taken.

The Bearers got Aardelea back on the throne, found no ritual in progress, Alamaise just gave them what they were looking for and sodded off, which means the dragon's already got a contingency plan running. Now the party has to deal with cleaning up the mess in Iopos and figure out what Alamaise has going that he was ready to just walk away so easily.

53% of the cost of delivery to your door comes from the last mile of the product’s journey.

Her shadow takes her and they're gone. Hopping into astral space to see where they went would be a bad idea. Do not look directly into spider goddess through a dying mind with remaining sanity.

That throne is the command panel for the mind control helmets worn by the magically enhanced fighting forces. This is dragon politics and it's going to be messy no matter how this plays out. Queen Aardelea may only be on the throne a few minutes before her infant heir becomes the new queen, as there's bound to be a territory challenge from a full-on great dragon, unless a plan the players put into motion a couple sessions back pans out, in which case they've got a nuke about to arrive.

The Bearers of the Helm have to either successfully put a psychotic half-dragon young woman who's been raised from lab specimen to royalty, gotten married, had a baby, lost her husband in war, taken the throne for herself possibly with a few murders of her in-laws, and then been deposed in a coup by a douchebag cousin who had draconic backing, back on the throne (and I mean the physical one, beware of decoys), or their world will be damaged and another possibly lost entirely.

I just sent the Cthulhu in Power Armor meme to my group as advance warning for today's session. They have run out of prep time and need to jump off now or Iopos is going to burn a new Waste into Barsaive, and possibly destroy another entire world in the process. They've got six hours to get into the city and get Queen Aardelea back onto the throne, so she can activate the blood magic that lets her control the Gold and Orichalcum branches.

This is the home of a Secret Society in Antwerp. I just don't know who they are yet, but I have to use this. Oh, yes, our neepery goes very deep indeed sometimes. Warning: full frontal nerdery. atlasobscura.com/places/elfde-

Andi is talking about the cool portable projection screen she found. I'm there, and Mark who's one of our freelancers. Y'all drop in. discord.gg/W72URea

I am now live at discord.gg/W72URea. Do not ask questions unless you are certain you want the answers.

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