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1879: A legend of the Saurids, of how the separatists of the Gruv reached back to their ancestral home during the War of the Machine People

Want to play labor organizers in 19th century Britain?

1879: Here's the full writeup on the Levellers, labour organizers with multiple incarnations in British history, from the forthcoming 1879 Players Companion.

In Blade Runner we were promised giant unethical tech companies ruining everything, instead we got giant unethical tech companies ruining everything.

1879: Actual Play NYC this episode has the players organizing a Mission: Impossible type scheme with the Levellers and the sandhogs to gang up on the smoke demon and put an end to it. Transcript at

In honor of St Crispin's Day, this Friday FASA offers your choice of 25% off the 1879 Players Guide in either softcover or PDF with coupon code CrispinQuarter, or free shipping on any one 1879 product order with coupon code CrispinTransit. Visit to take advantage of this limited offer!

Who are the Great Families of the Gruv? Don't forget that we're nearing December. Clickthru:

I have begun work on deleting my FB account. By the end of this weekend, it will be gone. Locate me:

Let's talk a little more about poison, and why it was such a big deal in the 19th century.

1879 Weekly Blog: Zulus in the Steamweird Century, in which we talk about how the Zulu kingdom has evolved in the game world, and hear from one of their senior people.

PRODUCT RELEASE: 1879 Personality 05, Haktanir Teyze the Engineer, previously exclusive on the FASA website, is now up on DTRPG at

In this week's Actual Play, the party takes on a smoke demon in the women's ward of the Knickerbocker Hospital.

1879 product release! Personality 05, Nilufer Haktanir, now available! Get a sneak peek at the Ottoman Empire, and a dossier on an NPC with Backstory, full character sheet, Connections, Adventure Hooks, Goodies, and artwork for only $1.99!

New Personality on the 1879 weekly blog! Everybody needs to know a government fixer. Simeon knows everybody worth knowing in Versailles.

Heads Up:
I'm migrating all my non-FASA stuff, personal posts and Venleitche and politics and stuff, to @WanderingBeekeeper, to separate my stuff from company stuff. I'll be sending out Follow requests as appropriate.

I'm breaking Magic out to its own chapter. As deep as the subject goes and as tightly integrated into the game world as it is, Magic needs to be treated on its own, not as part of another section.

Working on Venlietche, added a Creatures chapter. Not sure how I missed that for so long. Got through the combat mechanic in two pages after considerable work tightening it up. Now working on Magic.

All these articles on the costs of being poor don't address the time issue. I'm losing 25 minutes out of my evening because I have to wait for a connecting bus. How much time do people lose out of their lives when they can't afford a car?

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