GenCon: I will be there, running the new 1879 demo, Wyrm in the Big Apple, in which a dragon's prized knickknack has been stolen from a museum exhibit and youse got to retrieve it before His Nibs goes looking for it himself. Who will be at my tables? Who will come up and say hi, and get a medal for it? (Not joking, I have actual medals to hand out.)

Here's a shot of the enchanting hall atop my ziggurat. It's not fully furnished yet, but with some of the bookshelves missing, you can see the walls and the purple carpet enclosing the enchanting area better. And yes, I'm running in Survival mode, no cheats, no mods.

I keep forgetting to post this screen shot of my Survival-mode build. This is the castle (zigggurat?) that is now my primary home. The bottom floor has obsidian walls to creeper-proof it, and iron doors with redstone controls to keep out mobs. It's all warehousing. The second floor is polished granite and has the bedroom and crafting room. The third floor is the enchanting hall, polished diorite and glass. Yes, it took a while.

Here's our book at the bindery! So proud of our first graphic novel set in the 1879 game world! You know you have to see this - it's got airships, , explosions, and , what more could you ask of a story? Support our and you can get all sorts of extra goodies! Details at

Neofeud is a game about my experiences growing up in Hawaii's ghetto, being a social worker & STEM teacher for poor, homeless, refugees, mostly non-white kids in slums of Hawaii the tour buses avoid, while living out of a van. 100% of sales go to putting a roof over my kids' head (we're getting kicked out of our house at the end of the month)


Unionize everything.

Delivery apps like DoorDash are using your tips to pay workers’ wages - The Verge

If I ran a preview of this year's 1879 Gencon scenario this weekend, what would be the interest and the preferred day and time? Dibs have already been claimed by @banjofox Dasmaschine Utsukushi and Mark W. That leaves two openings, possibly more if one of these folks can't make it.

the bourgeois push the narrative that "no-one will work for free" (food, housing, leisure, infrastucture by and for workers/dependents = "for free") because they won't lift a fucking finger for anything that won't make them a profit. fuck that. selfishness isn't "human nature," it's a bourgeois class value

1879 blog: What sort of shenanigans might connect the workshop of a London mapmaker with a giant artwork created in Oxfordshire three thousand years ago?

The cafe table is wobbly and small, and I miss having my reference shelf to my right and my family downstairs, but I've still managed to complete the character sheet and 900 words of backstory for the next Personality character, Siméon d'Hivers, a Fiddler who, instead of being a con artist and criminal, has become a political fixer working on the periphery of the French government. Or perhaps there's not much difference there.

Rochester has hit 94F/34C. I've got a table by a power outlet at Starry Nites, the local coffee house, where there is air conditioning and Italian soda. Two grocery runs done, rajma made, kitchen cleaned up, time to sit down and write.

Friendly reminder that I accept donations at

Donations through the end of the month will go to a tenant who's life is taking a rough turn, UNLESS you tell me to forward them to let's say Friend #2, who unexpectedly was in jail for 84 days (basically for being black) and just got out yesterday.

Blog entry for Aug 4 done and scheduled. Includes a link to a world championship performance of Tricky Fingers by Eubie Blake.

money (-), help needed 

After probably more thought than a build in Survival mode deserves, I've discarded the idea of a manor and gone for a wizard's tower as my stronghold. The bottom floor will be windowless and the outer walls of obsidian. The mid level will be polished granite, and the top polished diorite, with a lot of glass in the walls for lighting and visibility. Warehousing on floor 1, living and crafting on 2, enchanting on 3. Garden out front, paddocks out back. The rails represent staircases.

Some good news: I got cleared to go to GenCon by the new dayjob. Wednesday, July 31, I fly out of Rochester to Indianapolis, and fly back the following Sunday night. Monday at work will be rough after getting in around 1am but I'll be able to see my family and friends, and run the new scenario for 1879.

My dear fantastic friend Asher_Wolf, is sharing Invisible Disability button designs!!

Go make some for yourself or your friends, and share!

I've spent the evening doing laundry and putting in infrastructure in my survival world. I now have a Railway from the farm, my original spawn point, up to where I'm building my stronghold. Next up, converting the road I built from there up to the mountain biome and the Cliffside waystation to rail. The stronghold will be windowless on the ground floor, with the exterior walls made of obsidian and pressure plate/button controlled iron doors for security.

Just got my ER bill for going there a couple weeks ago. I paid $20 just so they don’t send me to collections but I def don’t have $360. As a disabled & chronically ill person I pay about $400/month already in medical bills, insurance premiums & copays & I cant really afford more payments. If anyone can spare a bit to help I’d appreciate it. Www.Cash.Me/$vicentevalentino venmo: vicente-vazquez-2

Hi everyone! My name is Chris. I develop apps for the GNOME desktop, and host I’m currently looking for full-time work so that I can pay essential things like food and rent. I would really appreciate any financial help you can spare.

One-time donations are at

My Patreon is at

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