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Hi, I'm Sarah Reed.

My husband Will and I have designed a few including Project Dreamscape and Oaxaca.

We're currently doing a channel called Rolling With Two, where we focus on 2-player & accessibility analysis.

My other interests include: , and other stuff

I'll mostly be focusing on , but may post a bit about other things as the mood strikes me.

Happy to be here!

Very excited to get Marvel Dice Throne in November’s math trade! I feel we got a great deal, having traded away Walnut Grove, but hopefully everyone in the trade chain is happy with what they got. I know I’m very excited to play this!

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🚨 New Podcast 🎧
This episode we’re talking Vampire Survivors, the idle roguelike video game talking over the world…right after one more run. We discuss the nature of idle games, the place of addictive gameplay loops, gambling mechanics and reskins. How long have your survived?

Also discussed this episode:
📰Slay the Spire and Elden Ring board game campaigns, Steam Up
🎲My City
🎮Signalis, Harvestella, Yakuza: Like a Dragon, Grim Dawn

Promotion, Verdant 

New videos rolled in today about Verdant!

First up is our two-player and accessibility analysis. Check out our channel for our review video.

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Asking for financial support for the blog 

Here is my drive. If you like what I do and want to help me, here are some options:

Sir Meeple Apparel:

And there is more you can do:

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I get to present games to a new audience... and in selecting games not only am I looking for ones that fit the thematic criteria - but I am also looking at who the designers/publishers are to ensure I'm promoting great from great folks.

Prioritizing can be as small of an action as being mindful when you have the opportunity to spread the hobby. Lots of folks make good games - why not uplift the ones who contribute to making gaming better?

Promotion, Rolling with Two, Monday Teaser 

What’s rolling in this week?

Use the clue to unscramble the words to see what game we’ll be talking about in Wednesday’s videos.

Clue: Green Thumb

Unscramble Each Word: TADVERN

I highly recommend watching Wednesday on Netflix and the Guardians of the Galaxy special on Disney+. Both really, really good. 😊👍

I'm thankful I'm finally feeling better enough to edit our Rolling With Two videos. I have a backlog to get through and nothing posted for next week. Hope to remedy that today. 😊

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My work with Our Family Plays Games on YouTube is one of the best things I do every month, I am so proud to be a part of this channel. This episode I ask: Is Diversity Good Business?

Promotion, Silver & Gold, Accessibility 

New videos rolled in today about Silver & Gold!

First up is our two-player and accessibility analysis. Check out our channel for our review video.

struggling with burn-out & depression 

I really wanted to take this week off from work as it's been really stressful lately, but there's just too much to do.

I did managed to get reduced hours each day, so I'm able to sleep in, work the morning & take off early. I'm grateful for that concession, even though it really just means I work harder for the few hours I'm logged on.😖​

Thankfully tomorrow is Wed & then I'm off Thur/Fri. Just don't know how good of company I'll be for family gatherings. 😞​

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My wife and I love playing Palace with a 52-card deck, but we gave ourselves a challenge. We took the exquisite River and Stone deck created by @bethsobel and devised a way to include her four extra cards in the game.


Please playtest and let me know what you think!

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Looking for Podcast Guests 

I just finished editing the 4th episode of Season 5 of my podcast. If you are a board game or RPG designer or artist or know someone who is or who would be interested in being on the show, let’s talk! I especially want to use it to give additional voice to indie games and under-represented creators

Promotion, Board Game Theater, Oh My Brain 

Welcome to Board Game Theater! 🎭

Rolling with Two requests everyone silence their phones and, please, no applause until the end. Sit back, relax and enjoy as Will relates his alternative narrative to Oh My Brain.

yogurt helps stomach when taking antibiotics 

I'm trying to look on the bright side with all the bad things happening right now, like the infection in my toe. I'm on my third round of antibiotics. 🙄​😒​😞​

This new medicine is stronger and could upset my stomach. So the doctor recommended I take it with yogurt. So I'm livening up the yogurt with some salted caramel granola and it is so yummy. I've done 3 doses so far and no issues. So yay! Winning! 😅​

@host when doing CWs, is it a good or bad idea to use hashtags. I have been, with the thought that people could find or block it easier, but I haven't seen others use hashtags so now I'm wondering if I'm doing it wrong. Is there an etiquette to CWs?


New videos rolled in today about Oh My Brain!

First up is our two-player and accessibility analysis. Check out our channel for our review video.

#MentalHealth Not Enough Spoons 

Life has been really rough lately, but I'm making it through. Apologies to anyone I'm not responding quickly to. I'm doing my best to handle what I can each day, but I only have so many spoons.

I'm keeping my eyes on next week. Hopefully I'll be able to take the week off from work and really recharge and recoup. And play some games. :blue_meeple:

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I originally had a New Years resolution (more of a hope) to hit 500 subs this year. I don’t think we’ll hit that, but maybe we can do 400. Tell your neighbors, friends, or the stranger on the bus about us! Can we do it !?!?

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penguins, games, self-promotion 

Penguins on a card! I don't know who here is in the and sends cards, but I have the best greetings cards around!
This year's Christmas card features penguins moving around a track. You need to gather fish, but you also need to get your two penguins on the same space. Go check it out at

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