The instance seems to have been kaput for several days. Anyone know why this thing?

Please spread this around: There has been a call, in light of recent damning revelations by Mandy Morbid, for official revocation of the ENnie awards given to Zak S. in 2015 and 2018. Contact the ENnies if you feel this should be done, and publicly declare that you support this punitive measure.

Today's awkward discovery: "Dark City," the movie that did "The Matrix" better before "The Matrix" came out, and one of my favorite movies, has become a rallying point for Flat Earthers.

Futzing around with cover graphics and character sheet layout long before the text is even close to finished is a good way to feel like I'm getting design work done, but not really.

The NASA photo galleries are a wonderful treasure trove of open source art. The main font, Vintage Warehouse, is from a freelance creator which I think will be worth the small licensing fee. The smaller font, Supercomputer, is CC.

Every time I think up a title, label or term for a game, I run it through the search engines to make sure it doesn't have an existing use. About two-thirds of the time I end up having to drop it because turns out:

* Its already the name of an obscure online company.
* It's already being used in another game, usually for a similar concept.
* It's the brand of a freelance graphic designer.
* It's the performing name of DJ, porn star or eclectic dance troupe.

Lots of competition for punchy titles

Neat that their's a sketch function. Too bad I'm crap at it.

Still figuring out this new venue, but it's growing on me.

Hiya, first post, and it's jack-o-lanterns. Pumpkins were quite cheap this year, so I indulged in several carved gourds.

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