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HI EVERYONE reminder to take ur meds and drink some water today! ur doing so amazing i love u

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Hello, I'm Drew!

28, male, Demi-Romantic/Sexual
I am married to my lovely husband, who I moved to the USA for.

Currently, I am a DM for a 5th Edition D&D campaign where the Material Plane has severed itself from the other planes, and the players are working to restore them, and a player in a Savage Worlds, Deadlands Reloaded campaign, which is a fun wild west zombie-filled Oregon Trail trek.

I'm happy to talk if you want!

? lol

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so a while back I got a bonus and I gifted my playiers with commissions of their characters (Not by me I am not a talented artist.) This is Sylvian (Elven Ranger) Ashleigh (Forge domain cleric) Lothat (Asamir Bladesinger) and Rezana (Tabaxi Bard)

One of my NPC minis arrived from HeroForge!
Lyre, a High Elf Paladin. :D

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