If you are part of any Actual Play tabletop podcasts, know somebody that is, or are looking to start one yourself, or even looking for ones to listen to, hit up this Discord. It's a creator space for just that purpose. Trying to organize and have a place for people in that realm to talk shop and collaborate. Hopefully it's helpful to you. discord.gg/qnkh2t6

Honestly he's a huge trash fire of a person, but I love him. Art is just a doodle by me, I can't afford a professional artist or anything.

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Definitely developed that violence into a sadistic streak while withe the bandits. Eventually that troupe broke up though after most of it was killed by adventurers. Clovis happened to be away with a few others at the time, playing highwayman on a nearby road. After the survivors went their separate ways, Clovis took to mercenary work. He's not really trying to be a better person, but he reserves his sadism for people he isn't traveling with, because he still has that codependent neediness. .

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I'll start: Not playing any currently, but here's my boi Clovis from a not too distant campaign. He's a Tiefling, and a total asshole. He was an oops baby, so his family locked him away for all of his life. Highly neglected. One day he snapped and killed the person bringing him food, then ran away. Had a mental issues in the violent way, and fell in with some bandits. Clung to them hard because he was just so desperate for social contact of any kind.

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Twitter has been a little toxic for me lately (I know, shouldn't be surprised at this point.) So I'm going to hang out here some. Been meaning to do that anyway. So let's get the convo rolling. Tell me about your OCs. Bonus points if you play them in a TTRPG (because that's kind of my thing.)

Hey, so I made a thing yesterday. That thing is "Good Cop, Bird Cop" the 2 page RPG about birds fighting crime. You can find it for free on my Patreon, so feel free to grab that. 🐦​

Hello everyone! New to Mastodon, but have been doing my tabletop thing over on Twitter for a while now (still there, but here too now.) I run a blog on tabletop roleplaying, and write in a few other places too. I also create content for some of the games I play, and I make that available to others. A lot of D&D and Call of Cthulhu, but other stuff as well. Check out the links in my profile to see what I do. I look forward to getting to know you all, and feel free to chat me up!

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