Before setting up my own / server (radicale) earlier this year (last year?), I've been using the CLI tool pal ( ) to look at my . It's nice, and I was missing it. ikhal, a CLI calendar program that can read ics, is no real substitution

I've found a program that can convert ics to pal event files. I found a few small issues I submitted PRs for. Unfortunately, the library it uses doesn't support recurring events at all

So I now just rewrote it from scratch, using the libraries icalendar and recurring-ical-events (which expands recurring events)

It basically now expands events one year in the past and one year into the future. And it checks if the HTTP timestamp if newer or the file is 180 days old, so it can "buffer" the recurring events again

Also added support for creating a birthdays list from CalDAV contacts

Still need to write a readme, then I'll make it public in a few days. Maybe someone can use it


Okay, I now pushed this public:

It's nothing great, but maybe it's going to be useful for somebody one day. :P

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