Computers, nostalgia, death 

For comparison, that's how my desktop currently looks

Still e16, but different theme
Still using vim, but now uxrvt instead of xterm, and different font

Still the same main background. 16:9 now, though

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Computers, nostalgia, death 

March 2006. No Windows partitions anymore

And I've changed my desktop background. That's actually the main one I still use today

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Computers, nostalgia, death 

Oldest screenshot I still have is from 2005. That's already the exact same gkrellm theme

Linux kernel 2.6.10. 768MB RAM. I still had a Windows partition there, since I had mounted "wC" and "wD"

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Computers, nostalgia, death 

I've been using ( , a system monitor) basically since I've started using in 2000

It's currently flagged for removal from . No maintainer for the package. And upstream is dead. Literally, even, the main dev Bill Wilson died in 2021 :(

That's how my current gkrellm setup looks. Well, "current", it's not I've changed it in any way ever

How are books by so consistently bad, awful, terrible?

It's as if they *want* to publish the most wrong information available on a given topic, and then break the typeset and sprinkle typos throughout

The lectures aren't better

I get access to the subscription offered by O'Reilly through work now, that includes Publishing stuff. Started a Packt course on and within 10 minutes, the lecturer already managed to completely murder the concept of a macro

Rewrote my 1e English<->German translation tool (feats, spells and book titles) in Python (was C++)

Mainly so I can have a proper webservice with Flask, instead the mess of "PHP, exec(), parse json" I had before

Huh, interesting, it seems that's actually a libx11 issue:

Dungeondraft is blameless here

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Der Lufthansa-Chef Carsten Spohr verdient 85-mal mehr als seine Mitarbeiter & Mitarbeiterinnen pro Jahr, so rund 5 Mio €. Weil ihm das nicht reicht, will er sich und den anderen Vorstandsmitgliedern einen Bonus auszahlen. Auch für die Zeit als der Konzern kurz vor der Insolvenz stand und nur durch Staatshilfen gerettet wurde. Das ist eigentlich nicht erlaubt aber durch einen Taschenspielertrick möglich. Aber Wochenlang haben Konservative und andere gegen das Bürgergeld gewettert und Hartz4-Empfängern nicht den kleinsten Krümel mehr gegönnt. Dieses System ist so kaputt.

It uses Godot, from what I see. Dunno where the fault lies.

I reported the bug in the official Dungeondraft Discord. Hasn't been acknowleged so far

Last time I reported a bug there, nothing happened either.

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The things I'm trying to debug is , a tool to draw maps for (virtual) tabletops. Commercial, closed source, but the binary has full debug symbols

The most recent version deadlocks randomly for me. With gdb, I'm seeing two threads waiting on each other's mutexes

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Anyone got experience running stuff in 's (local, Linux) debugger?

I'm getting this here:
ERROR: Mono: FATAL ERROR 'Cannot transition thread 0x7f1170ff56c0 from RUNNING with FINISH_ASYNC_SUSPEND (in domain , error)'

I also have a half-working engine for Dark Seed II, a horror game with art by H.R. Giger, in that I'd like someone to take over:

Here's a GitHub issue describing its state a bit:

And here's a video showcasing how it plays at the moment:

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@adrienne "Karl Ranseier ist tot" was a regular bit in the mid 90s late night comedy show RTL Samstag Nacht

It consisted of that intro sentence announcing the death of the fictional person Karl Ranseier in front of that picture, and then a wild and absurd story (a different one each time) of how he lived and died

I wouldn't expect that to be known outside of the German speaking region


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@adrienne huh, I saw you boosted . That's a very German reference. Do you know RTL Samstag Nacht, or did they reference something earlier I'm not aware of?

Maybe I shouldn't store that crate of Mio Mio Mate on the balcony when it's freezing out...

Ganz toll, die Transaktionen, die ich von der Ing DiBa über FinTS/HBCI (Schnittstelle zum Bankkonto für Finanzsoftware) auslese, sind komplett anders sortiert als im Online-Banking/App/Kontoauszug. Manche haben sogar ein anderes Datum

Dann kann ich das auch gleich sein lassen...

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