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While I'm thinking about it, here's something for - A Loonshrine for the Gloomspite Gitz! Painting little spots on a fly agaric mushroom makes me feel whimsical.

Turns out, 3 hours of auto chess are a great way to test the stability of your gpu memory overclock.


Oh no, Autochess has me in its claws again.
I just completely dominated a pub lobby with SF3, 4 beasts and warriors/warlocks. Literally the perfect 100% winstreak from the very beginning game, didn't think that would ever happen to me.

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Here's my contribution for : Some Endless Spells for a Gloomspite Gitz army. Please enjoy my Old Navy backdrop, very professional.

A bit too early for but hey, I'm super happy about having started my AT-ST. I'm learning how to do oil-washes with this and it has been a blast!

I got myself some pigments for weathering yesterday and couldn't stop myself from dirtying up some older minis of mine (and my fingers in the process).

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This is that Blood Bowl Troll that fought me from start to finish. Dropped it on the floor and broke the Goblin off when I was doing the last coat of varnish. Ever have one of those things that just doesn't want to be done?

Bye outdated radeon drivers, hello shiny amdgpu drivers! (oh yeah, I guess a new video card was attached to that as well)

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It's , so here's the Scout Sniper Team I finished off this week! The Death Troopers have just arrived and I can't wait to get them finished! 😁

Legit lost 20 minutes of productivity to laughing about Stack Overflows April Fools shenanigans.

I'm away for two weeks and FFG welcomes me back with Clone Wars stuff for Legion. In proper plastic. On sprues. With modeling options.

My breathing is heavy with anticipation.

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For my contribution, here's some of Hannibals veterans from my fledgling Carthaginian army!

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Because I was roused from my eldritch slumber: Here’s the first two members of the Vostroyan kill team I’m working on. Space Cossacks, comrades!

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"Fungoid Cave-Shaman Snazzgar Stinkmullett" What a name, right? Painted up for a painting contest in a Facebook group (The Hobby Hangout). I'll know how I did in about a week.

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@Deathrain You can do it! 😃 They'd be great for RPGs as well. It's part of the motivation for getting mine painted up! I have rebels too, but here's my Imperials so far:

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hey I just wanted to share this song from PhilosophyTube cause my goodness it's an absolute banger

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First sealed KeyForge tournament for me on Saturday, that's exciting!

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