More rendering, this time it's Kapura as a toa of time.

Now here's something completely different, I've played around with a bit and made some Bionicle figures. Pretty fun program to use!

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I think I've worked out my camera situation, for real this time. A test Skink for a Blood Bowl team, "The Saur Losers". My bf is from Cleveland so there is a little dig at the Browns there. Exploring some textures and practicing NMM. I love the new BB Lizardmen so much, it really was a joy. With luck I'll finish the team sometime this year... or not.

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I had not anticipated how creatively freeing not having a computer on my desk would be.

Eye Contact from a miniature, WiP 

Also started the next one already, I'm pretty happy with the hue-shifts in the shading here.

I got another member of my warband ready! The base was actually build at the local GW store with some materials they provided, that was a fun time!

Well too bad, they just informed me the listing was wrong and they didn't have the wares, yet, and wouldn't be allowed to send them out if they had them. The anticipation for this set is killing me!

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I may just have found an online store breaking embargo for the new KeyForge expansion in my country and that has me unreasonably excited. I know it's not great for my local store, but I'll buy a display from them anyways when the expansion properly releases, so it's fine.

That expansion just has so much going on, it is killing me. Really hope they didn't just make a mistake listing the product.

I feel like I'm developing a style since expanding my paint collection to different media (all of the shading and highlights are done in oil, the metallic highlights are Molotow Liquid Chrome, and alcohol-based paint, also used ground up pastel colours for the dust). Painting hasn't been this satisfying in a while.

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Phew, I'm done with my competition entry for our new GW store. Fairly happy with how it turned out and since I can't keep it I put some extra efforts into taking some pictures. Tried using two light-sources and a black backdrop (it's a shirt, the print kinda shows through) for the first time as well as open camera - great app!

My competition entry is finished, I'll do a few touch-ups and then take some proper pictures since I can't keep him (kit was provided by GW). I'm rather happy, tried a lot of new tools and techniques on this one.

Doing a grimy stormcast for the local GWs opening competition. Hated it before I put on the oil-wash, now I'm looking forward to getting on with the project!

I finally finished my DnD-character I shared a while back, I'm rather happy with how the face and weathered leather turned out!

And because I'm in a posting-happy mood today, I bought the .stl for this yesterday and having a friend print it for me. It's my Indiana Jones inspired halfling rogue, pretty difficult to find an appropriate mini for that, so Hero Forge seemed like a good option.

I took a look, "way too long ago" in this case is September 22 2018! I do get distracted easily...

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Also finished a Minotaur for my chaos renegades that I teased on here way too long ago:

Pen&Paper players, how do you handle remote players in a real life session? We had one player call in on discord, but seperating voices was tough for them, so the session was very exhausting for them. Would a higher quality mic be a good idea or are VoIP services just not good enough?

First session of D&D tomorrow, very curious how that will turn out.

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