Steve found and printed off a print and play version of the oldest known board game with rules, The Royal Game of Ur. It's a two player roll and move and we are getting mean with each other.

We're playing the British Museum's version of the ruleset but with 5 pieces each instead of 7, for a shorter game. The earliest known board found dates back to 2600-2400 BC.


@theonetar One of my fav projects this year was helping @MildaMatildaGames with some graphic design on a portable bag version of Ur! It's a delightful little game.

@DavidMasnato @MildaMatildaGames oooh I've always wanted to get one of her pieces! I think i know what my next purchase will be when i reset my spending money

@theonetar @DavidMasnato the current queue looking to be like a year long right now, so placing an order today (that your can always cancel later) is probably not a bad idea :)

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