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Blade runnings, the sequel to cool runnings and the prequel to blade runner, abt a team of olympians who don’t have a sport, so they invent one and it’s just running but your feet are knives. This directly links to whatever blade runner is about

@hawkjohenson i mean they use it to publicly shame ppl for trying to call sick so,,, prolly

@Danawfaith i mean more like how my work place has a Facebook group where they post info and makes everyone follow it and tags everyone who works there, and if you’re not part of the fb group you miss information

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Fuck can you imagine if businesses started using instances like they make facebook groups for like work stuff? I just thought of this and chills ran down my spine

@RocjawCypher i have always wanted to try a tarot spread though! A friend did a spread for me one time and it gave me a great character idea, and I’ve always wanted to do a bunch of characters that way, or plots.

@RocjawCypher Usually I figure out who the know. A character’s relationships tell me a lot about who they are. Do they have a lot of friends? Enemies? Do they get on with their parents? Why or why not?

Don’t ask me how i do that tho bc shruge

And my other main which I haven’t actually written much of yet,

Semaphore is a lesbian deaf adaption of The Little Mermaid, with a dozen layers of political intrigue, mystery, magic, and some gothic terror added. Sloani just wants to escape persecution from her home under the sea, sells her voice for a human face that happens to look identical to a princess long thought drowned at sea.


Master of One follows Oscar, a young witch boy who ran away from home with his sister, days before he was supposed to go to magic school/join his father’s coven. He struggles to avoid his father while keeping up his magic education and going to human high school (bc of course)

It’s the same characters from my other wip vampire industry (Oscar is Jude’s boyfriend, the sister is the same), an au that spiralled out of control into its own thing with sequels :/

I should talk about my novel s

I have Millennials are Killing the Vampire Industry, about an anxious vampire hunter named Jude who discovers his sister in law is a vampire, and also falls into the complicated reality of vampire society and the war over the fate of human civilisation.

@Yoric his patron is his ‘muse’ and all the powers and abilities he’s given come off as story ideas

Also this is my new dnd boy i just started playing. He’s an eccentric gay writer of gothic fiction who’s just kinda too dumb to realise he’s a warlock. Luv him. Art drawn by panhasapen on tumblr

hello I’m dana! I’m a writer mostly, i play a lot of dnd and am tired all the time. She/her

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