The main reason I'm here is cause I'm looking for related servers. I mostly play EDH both on and at my local store.

I'm also into : anything good major universe titles, weird and violent self-printed books from Japan, YA books by queer creators... I'm not super picky about genre.

I have a similar approach to music. Lots of genres as long as it is good (favoring experimental sounds).

In my work hours, I write code.

@DanTylkowski hi! I'm always keen to meet folks who would like to play EDH over Spelltable?

@TimClare Hello! I weirdly don't have the table space for it . I figured this out during omicron when my store group switched to it. Cockatrice is a very pleasant open-source app, if you can part yourself from paper cards.

@DanTylkowski you might check out if you want a cozy mtg-specific instance. They require an invite, but any active user should be able to send you one.

@sev I tried them but saw the most recent message from the moderator was that they were shutting down some time around the the end of October.

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