Recently I woke up and realized that, in my 2-3 years in this hobby, I've been slowly spreading myself across multiple platforms. So I've decided to gather them all in a neat linktree. If you're interested in what I might be doing, or want to give me additional encouragement (which I definitely need more often than not), you can check it out here:

I'll leave this pinned in my profile, but I'll add below individual links for each thing, in case linktree goes down.

firstly there are my social networks, where I do most of my community discovery, and talk with other roleplayers/game-designers (out of discord, that is).
Now I am both on twitter ( and here on Mastodon (


then are the places where I actually publish stuff:
my page only has few games, but they are available both in portuguese and in english! I'm definitely working on new things, but my pace isn't great:

my blog sees a bit more activity, as I write about games I've played or read, RPGs I'm developing, or just some casual articles that I feel like writing: theludonarrativegivaca.wordpre

last, there is my youtube. don't go there, it's a desert:

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