Still new to mastodon. Try to check my local feed a lot but it's a bit hit and miss. Anyone got some content creators to follow? Anything OSR would be brilliant, RPGs in general too.

@Czepeku Don't know much about the OSR scene, would say check out @briecs
He runs a good indie RPG blog, thoughty, and has a bunch of games up
@mxfraud is good, working on a card game methinks

chatter, follow recommendation (me!) 

@Czepeku I'm a content creator! I"m writing a tragically funny fantasy setting called , implemented as stories, tabletop RPG adventures, and reference books. It even has its own rules to go with the setting,

And I make my own maps ofr the setting, though I'm a bit out of date with it at the moment and I think most of the lnks to maps aren't active in the current version.

@Czepeku @robert Cory Doctorow has two Mastodon accounts. He posts a lot of interesting 20th century ephemera images through @doctorow, and reblogs his own BoingBoing links through

more recommendations to follow 

@Czepeku @robert

Political cartoonist who draws "Tom The Dancing Bug" @rubenbolling

Evolutionary biologist and secularism blogger @pzmyers

Tech journalist @sarahjeong

Creator of Kickstarter and other influential web apps: @andybaio

more recommendations to follow 

@matt @Czepeku @rubenbolling @pzmyers @sarahjeong @andybaio Those are all great recommendations; Didn't know about any of their accounts. Thanks.

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