I'm collaborating on this: kickstarter.com/projects/curse
It's a set of magnetic boards for running DnD maps with. Please go and check it out!

Just finished my latest battlemap. Biggest one so far, weighing in at 90x90. This is the Realm of Dreams. Really wanted to capture a whimsical wonderland. Check out the starry night version here: patreon.com/posts/realm-of-dre

Been painting today and yesterday. Came up with this scene of samurai battling a chaos titan.

Thanks to everyone for the account suggestions, my timeline has grown a lot now. :D

Wanted to share another recent battlemap I made. Aquatic colosseum battlemap! Take to ships or battle sharks in this aquatic arena: patreon.com/posts/colosseum-of

Any other mapmakers on here too would be a bonus.

Still new to mastodon. Try to check my local feed a lot but it's a bit hit and miss. Anyone got some content creators to follow? Anything OSR would be brilliant, RPGs in general too.

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Comfortable Play - Respecting Boundaries in Tabletop RPGs - Extra Credits youtu.be/syXYISF82k8 How to keep the table relaxed enough to have a good game. Even if playing some scary, disturbing, or upsetting material.

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Finished a new battlemap last night. This one's a Colosseum! Also took a trip to the actual colosseum in Rome today. Strange quirk of timing that. If you like it and want to see the variations: patreon.com/posts/colosseum-of

Hey everyone, I'm Cze. I make battlemaps for DnD. I give them out weekly on Patreon. You can check that out here: patreon.com/czepeku I'm also starting work on an OSR zine. :)

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