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Hi all, I'm Vaati! Moved here after tumblr went to hell. I've played a lot of ttrpgs but my favorite is Dungeon World bc I've always been a more narrative/in character choices style DM rather than mechanics. Excited to meet people here!

New full body reference for Ren since the old one was outdated

Made some plants for the setting of my campaign/game. I've never done anything like these before and tbh I'm proud of how they came out !

FINALLY FINALLY DM'd my campaign again after 7 months!!
We were all kinda out of practice bc of how long it's been but I think it went real well!

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Glad to see Donkey Kong speaking out for Trans Rights!
It's really good of him to use his platform on Smash to get the message out!
Love the support! :heart_trans:

Sasuke meme, violence/choking 

i did the sasuke meme w/ renael bc i happened to have a pic that fit it jhigfccvjjkhgc

We didnt end up playing last night, one of my players just Forgot about the game despite helping schedule it
Idk when we're all free next but I'm, Big Sad

Gonna be DMing for my second group of players this time, who are in the midst of a mystery arc: about finding the true identity of a doppelganger and stopping them from getting a piece of the Demon Lord's soul. Little do they know, the doppelganger is the NPC cleric in their party! Should be exciting when they finally connect all the pieces of the puzzle!

FINALLY gonna be DMing Tale of Memories again this Thursday!!!!!! SO EXCITED it's been ages,,,,

Romance (+) 

First thing I heard this year was a message from my girlfriend saying she loves me-- after scheduling my trip to see her in february a few hours prior-- and I'm πŸ’œ πŸ’œ πŸ’œ πŸ’œ I love her SO MUCH

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I finally got Vaati in ssbu after weeks of trying I'm so happy!!!!!!!

Drew Renael and his first of many adopted daughters, Violet, today!

I MADE REN IN SOULCALIBUR 6 LOOK HOW GOOD HE LOOKS IN FULL 3D I couldnt get it 100% bc there were some clipping issues but it's real close!!!

she took the stones of farspeech in the divorce

I spent like a week building Renael's manor in Minecraft and it's been a lifesaver re:planning out the location of things in scenes there in d&d

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dental hygiene matters!!! brush your teeth or i'll steal them!!!

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Everytime I post anything on this site I can't help but say "Toot!" out loud when I hit the button.

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