Hola! Asking the and community: What are good practices for taking care of your wrists, elbow and shoulder? Thanks!

@Cetsuo I get sore wrists and thumbs, I've found compression gloves really helpful. You can get decent ones for under £10

@Cetsuo The biggest one I've found, and am still trying to implement completely, is to maintain posture instead of shrimping, while bracing one hand against the other instead of using the table. It's difficult to get the right lighting in my setup that way, though, so I tend to end up hunched a bit regardless.

@NinjaDebugger @Cetsuo
I got a magnifying lamp last year and instead of enabling me to paint a lot smaller things, what it does most of the time is helping not to sit like a shrimp^^

@Beutelbert @Cetsuo
Yeah that's what I have, it's on an armature clamped to the table.

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