D&D's _Lost Mine of Phandalin_, a hand-holding adventure for 1st-time DMs, says keep the story moving during overland travel, but use interesting description.
“A light rain dampens the rolling plains as you travel north. Around midday, you break for lunch under a lonely tree. There, the rogue finds a small rock that looks like a grinning face, but otherwise you see nothing out of the ordinary.”
That rock is going to cost you half an hour's delay, as the PCs try to determine its significance.


And in addition to "keep the story moving", they introduce the classic wandering monster tables... which do nothing but slow the story down and drain party resources. I struggle with published D&D adventures, trying to keep fights meaningful, when D&D tends to think fight _is_ story. It can be, but generally in D&D it is not.
Every fight in a roleplaying session should have a purpose.

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