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Not sure weather the idea makes more sense for , , or some other .

But what about an O'Neil or McKendry Cylinder based on a pastiche of the native lifeforms of Flores Indonesia? Specifically uplifted versions of Homo floresiensis and Stegodon florensis insularis.

An entire habitat based on a lush tropical island filled with big versions of usually small animals and small versions of usually bug ones.

It makes a weird sort of sense to base habs on islands.

@Canageek Tiamat/Takhisis is still one of my all time favorites.

There are a couple of bundles over on DTRPG which donate to relief efforts in Kentucky. They were hit pretty hard by the recent storm.

You can get a nice bundle of RPGs or just donate directly through that link.

"Malaysia has experienced severe rainstorms and flash flooding since 17 December 2021, leaving many people stranded and vulnerable. As such, this bundle aims to raise funds for flood relief efforts in Malaysia due to these recent floods.

"Proceeds from this bundle will go to Mercy Malaysia's Flood Relief fund.

"This bundle collects several games from Malaysian tabletop game designers..."

(learn more at the following link)

#ttrpg #bundle

RT @igneacor
A bunch of us Malaysian game designers are selling our games in a bundle on Itch to fund the flood relief effort here in Malaysia. Please consider making a purchase here:

We have some excellent games!

@Canageek neat. I haven't heard of it either. He's pretty approachable and active online. Sometimes I wish he was still running trollhalla...

I think I've convinced my GF I've never heard of twister.

Madness: Run Mindjammer alternating each session between Fate and the Cephus system.....

@craigmaloney @platypus "the throne of gygax" I'm picturing a lazyboy with cigarette burns, a book on polearms tucked in a pocket on the side, and a copy of Urban Dynamics lost in the cushions.

@craigmaloney Unlikely due to the lack of players. Used to have a regular group but they escaped...

@craigmaloney I wish i had the time/players to play the BitD stuff I already have....

Heard about Forged in the Dark but not sure where to start?

You're in luck:

Bundle of Holding "Forged in the Dark" collection

#ttrpg #forgedinthedark

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