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@Canageek Im not sure, but i need it on the side of a muscle van immediately.




@craigmaloney I thought they were getting slapped on returns with Ethyrium "gas" prices (money with a fee to spend...).

@alienghic shredded spaghetti squash qnd spinach in a nice pasta sauce. Its tasty, even if ive never managed to get spaghetti squash to live up to its namesake.

For the record: This is the last mention of my #maille shops I will post on the Fedi. We made the lease payment, thank you. I am still retiring. My vision and hands are both going. Due to Etsy requiring payment per listing, the Going out of Business sale will end on December 31 when the last listing expires. Jan 1, I will close both shops permanently.
Etsy: Yup! It does some neat stuff with it like cultural conflicts. There is a Traveller version too.

What can i never find players for: Mindjammer.


@Canageek those people are perpetuating unisex skirt uniform erasure.

My GF's etsy store is selling out of "Oh Fudge" stickers. Maybe its because Survival of the Able funded?

Like zombie survival? Like period pieces? Like games that tastefully handle disability? Wanna secretly impress upon your friends the value of accessibility? Did i mention Zombie Survival Horror thats actually tense?

If you ever need a name for an Elf just walk down the antihistamine and decongestant isle. Tell me Silarx Siladryl isnt the elven lord of the northern woods!

@platypus Just what FR needs, some Gnomish Gary V pushing hustleculture. Ya already got Jim Darkmagic pushing passive income via spell components.

@alienghic More of that pesky adult voice. I found it much easier when i let the kids do my coursework now that im back at school. Sure 4 year old suck at stoichiometry, but I did finally run WEG Ghostbusters!

@alienghic They have managed to crank out "better" material. But thats down to personal opinion. (anybody wanna play eclipse phase?)

@alienghic Yup they are. But they gotta crank out more stuff. I already bought their ~$200 USB bundle. Love the 2nd ed. I mean technically. Honestly I just heard of this. Kind of amazed.

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