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On the one hand I really don't like pathfinder, on the other hand it is now the only RPG where you can support union workers with your purchase....

selling TTRPGs, USA only 

@craigmaloney 'sell' RPGs? Why would you ever sell them?

re: Judging a friend's consumption habits 

@sissas @Sandra RPG collectors are a thing. In print i own dozens of books, and in PDF its hundreds. Its mostly impulse buys.

nft, veve 

@craigmaloney I speant years thinking I didn't understand bitcoin/blockchain because there was no way it could be that stupid. Turns out I understood it just fine.

@sissas Cryptworld (Essentially a clone of classic Chill) is based on the Pacesetter system so it looks really complicated but most the fiddly stuff is handled by a chart.

@sissas I'm trying to talk some friends into a Chill/Cryptworld 1 shot.

Or if you're more into story games the Fate horror toolkit had some interesting ideas for running a slasher game. To get around the problems with running horror under fate it had an interesting mechanic where getting away frome the killer involves building his aspects.

@craigmaloney @djsundog Id have to second Dream Theater. Back when i was a plaid clad grunge/metal junkie I was really into them... now I can't even remember their songs.

@jaranta @ttrpg You Player Characters have a real nice party here, be a shame if something happened to it.

@neeti Hi!

It is something you could do forever, with the right alchemical processes and a little sacrifice. Just be careful where you acquire those sacrifices or there will be a troup of do-gooders ransacking your home.

Not sure if anyone is interested in tabletop RPGs around here, but I just released one. For certain values of tabletop, anyway:

Who knew Neil Patrick Harris was an architect and a Satanist?

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Getting to run a one shot this afternoon. Bustin makes me feel good. Still not sure how The Nerdy Show gets away with posting the rules....

@uxintro Im interested depending on the platform. Ive been trying to get a PBM or PBeM going for ages.

Forget the idea i had of setting Call of Cthulhu in St. Olaf (Golden Girls) it'd be much more fun to do Ghostbusters lol.

I know Bright was a flaming pile of crap worldbuilding, but i still want a slice of life sequel following the Day to day of that centaur cop. What is his life like?

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