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Why did D&D need a Pope? Like i know people tended to defer to Gary's rule clarifications, but i don't remember any single person being treated as Infallible the way 5E fans treat Jeremy Crawford.

@mdhughes nope i need to write a D30 or D666 table of "Wizard Junk".

NPC sees my wizard junk at the tavern.

NPC: Hear me neighbors and friends! This man is a foul Necromancer! He will do unspeakable things to our dead!

Me: GOOD NEWS! I am not a Necromancer! I am a Vivimancer, I'll be doing unspeakable things to your LIVING! Your dead are completely safe.

@olivia The idea that a non-democracy has any obligation to defend democracy in the first place is a special kinda silly.

A rogue planet with an inhabited underdark fed by radio synthetic fungi would be a good basis for a psychedelic fantasy setting...

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@mdhughes Ohhh your saying they dont make sense period not just in relation to the speed of the moon. That makes sense.

@mdhughes Eagles leaving the surface of the moon sgould stay in the moons inertial reference frame unless im missing something.

But yeah the planet wouldn't be passing new things often enough to be interesting. unless they introduced some kind of suspended animation tech.

Live action The Sword and The Stone with David Tennant as Merlin and a Tardis in his room.

Watching Space: 1999 and wondering why the heck rogue planets aren't a more common setting for space sci-fi.

@mdhughes oooooooooooNOPE they don't have my size. Lol. All nerd merch should come in a massive comic book guy size......

Its like they merge the metaplot from adventures and sourcebooks into the main timeline but forget the setting changing mechanical bits.

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I can't remember but i think they finally moved references to initiation into core, even though the actual rules are still in the 6e Magic book.

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Encephalons literally change everything. They represent a huge leap in human cognitive ability. The edition after they were introduced (3rd I think) should have had a whole chapter on their societal effect, people doing anything to get them, the way the corps sneak in planned obsolescence and rent seeking. But no, they practically dont exist (except maybe a vague reference to upgrades for rich kids) until the splatbook.

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Speaking of Shadowrun i hate the way that game handles sourcebooks. There are several core sourcebooks that have a different iteration in each edition. But when one of those rulebooks introduces a setting changing piece of tech/magic we have to wait for that same sourcebook to come out even though the core rules advance the timeline.

@mdhughes shadowrun kinda does that, in an ever oscilating cycle that goes to crap each edition. I played an uncybered mundane human in both 2nd and third edition. Its fun being the Gear/skills guy for a few months before the splat books make you nonviable. Although the new stuff focused on playing a "Face" may go some way to fixing that..... if i can learn to love again.

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