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I was thinking about Metamorphosis Alpha and realizing that the entire idea of the leadership stat is kind of clever. In most RPGs there is a tendency to have piles of stuff for magic types, but mundane roles/classes/achytypes get the shaft. But in a B/X type D&D game or similar you could limit leadership ability and followers to fighters, rogues, etc.

The Avatar RPG is Powered by the Apocalypse. It wouldn't be my first choice, but considering the target audience it makes alot of sense. Playbooks do make things way easier to people who aren't super-savy gamers.

"Im not going to let you SJWs ruin RPGs with your girly bullshit! Now if you'll excuse me i need to hit an arts and crafts store and buy some doll furniture for the Elf game I'm playing tonight."

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Anybody remember a or type game from the 90s that used a sword/rattle for initiative? You would shake it than set it in a holder and the colored beads would stack up in the "blade" giving you your turn order.

@craigmaloney I should get off my butt and try to get some folks together to play some Chill/Cryptworld or something.

@mdhughes The MLPs, a group of centaur and changeling rockers by day runners by night. Their face/rigger is a cyborg pixie who runs around in a prettyboy anthrodrone with a rigger pod in the chest.

Some dipshit in an SR forum "Id never allow pixies at my table, this is Shadowrun not my little pony".

I dont think he knows much about Shadowruns lore or MLP...

And by OSR i mean the output of TSR, Operation Unfathomable, microlite, Old-School Essentials, Labyrinth Lord, etc. Not the trio+2 you are worried I mean.

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Whereas every other "Chubby White Male DM" podcast is about WotC era D&D or Pathfinder primarily, but they branch into everything else. I would do Fudge/Fate, OSR, D6, and branch into everything BUT WotC era D&D and Pathfinder.

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Im fighting with myself over doing another RPG podcast. The fact that its totally unnecessary and nobody will care aren't sufficient discouragement. Nether is how rarely i actually play.... im losing....

@mearcstapa Still an accomplishment if you dont already know Polish.

@sil cheap earbuds and a stream they can listen to from their phones?

Blogs on Tape #98: "Keystone Species Encounter Table," by Scrap Princess. Our blogging scene elevated the Encounter Table to an artform all its own. This approach from Scrap is a part of that legacy which deserves more recognition!

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@mdhughes well and fighting fantasy etc. Crap your probably fine.

@mdhughes No humans and your hosed when you play your way through all the T&T Solos.

Every fantasy RPG hasn't stolen the vivimancer from Necrotic Gnome why? It's like a twisted un-necromancer.

I always liked the idea of dinosaurs getting older and accumulating psionic power from Goodman Games Complete Guide to T. rex.

Imagine if an InGen type Megacorp accidentilly awakened a bunch of ascended psionic dinosaurs by making Jack Horners Chickenasaurus.

Cue Cyborgs, Cadillacs, & Dinosaurs!

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