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Shadowrun but instead of fantasy creatures its magic and Dinosaurs.

linux on phones 

With all the different varieties of emulation, virtualization, and containerization possible it shouldn't be too hard to create a rock solid os to handle core functionality of a phone, and then do all the touchscreen computery linux or BSD stuff a vm/container/whatever.

@hypolite Thats really weird. Im seeing it too. I just copied the URL....

@silverwizard Its just chessex lbs of dice with the funky dice. I think the price is higher because its all loose dice and not factory seconds. I do not need them. I do not need them. I DO NOT NEED THEM... I have a problem....


@craigmaloney I think rheir going to lose their fanbase by introducing a wisecracking cockney maid played by Wanda Sykes, and centering the plot on finding a portal to the 90s in the downstairs servants quarters...

Would memes even be a thing if Disney had never made El Dorado?

@silverwizard Its an open source DAW like audacity. Ill likely be playing with it on my WIN laptop but id prefer it on my BSD box.

@silverwizard Getting Ardour working so i can edit audio and play around with it.

@craigmaloney Ooooooold! I was 17 or 18 when that picture was taken and now im..... <checks nots>... <sobs>.

Me looking into 15mm minis for RPGs: With all the RPG crafters there should be a channel covering 15mm... I could do tha... <remembers I've never painted a mini> nevermind.

@craigmaloney As a 90s kid i have to point out that our entire world was done up in memphis style, a regurgitation of every other eras kitch. Also i unironically love it.

My daughter is on an old spiderman cartoon kick. I dont remember Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends being primarily focused on what a himbo iceman was...

Anybody printing 15 mm rpg minis on a filament printer? Anybody using 15 mm instead of "heroic"?

True confessions 

@craigmaloney See i loved Snow Crash , down and out in the magic kingdom, EST, and Diamond Age but I had 0 interest in Cryptonomicon.

@ackthrice Whenever im feeling old melencholic french silent film miserable i get a bottle of Pesce vino and play cafe music.

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