There's a Psi-Punk bundle. Accessible Games is run by Jacob Wood who is good people. Its a Cyberpunk game that leans heavily into Psionic mind powers.

I dont have a tech degree so I would have to write Agro-punk romance novels about a GMO-pirating plant breeder and his hacked sapient John Deer tractor. "Right to Repair, Right to Love."

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The most important part of any is the list of futuristic street slang clearly written by a suburban dweeb with a tech degree.

Played like five min of it just now and drunkenly telling it to go F itself is weirdly appropriate.

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@ackthrice Ive got a 2 year old thats got more of a slenderman look.

Apparently I got drunk last night and bought an HDMI capture device to start streaming RPGs on my switch. Apparently I thought it was brilliant.

Thats what people want, boring over-analysis of The Shining Force.

Also i bought Disco Elysium on desktop and PC, fired it up, and then started getting loudly irritated at its introductory lore dump...

I dont remember her name, but their was a Shadowrun blogger with some cool ideas. One of them was a system of corp welfare in exchange for votes.

What if this is the basis of corp rule? Automation replaces labor, the working class is allowed to rent their votes, a corp welfare system nominally provides for them in exchange for their enfranchisement.

Now democracy is owned in shares by the Mega-corps, formerly working folks live in tiny rooms with free people-kibble, and your in the middle.

I'm increasingly of the opinion that everyone in the 30-50 year age range who can schedule and show up to a ttrpg session is either in their max number of games, or toxic and nobody wants to play with them. So I can't find players who'll actually play, and i don't even know which category I fit in....

morbid joke, food 

@craigmaloney You can't die, the Metalcast won't let you!

Edgerunners just dropped on Netflix.

What are you still doing reading this?

Go steal a netflix password.

Any folks want a life science nerd to give them weird reproductive strategies for scifi and Fantasy critters I'm your man.

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@craigmaloney Thats kinda my point. They narratively made it clear what was up without giving us some kinda xenobiology infodump. In the episode "A Tale of Two Topas" they make it unambiguous that the first ep was about being intersex and this episode is about gender in a way Seasons 1-2 seemed incapable of. Maybe its my experience with plants but I can think of lots of reproductive systems that change the context of those early episodes.

The Orville 

@craigmaloney My only problem with Seasons 1-2 is that I don't feel like we were given enought context about Moclan biology to make those episodes actually mean anything. Weirdly I feel like season 3 gave us the context without explaining a thing.

Dungeons and Thirsty Dragons 

Hear me out, rust monsters with tiddies!

Introduction time! I'm a freelance #artist with a love for fantasy creatures and (as the name might suggest) dragons~.

Looking forward to sharing a lot of art here too~! <3

@ada I mean they kinda thought so too since you just follow tracks through a novel lol.

The Dragonlance bundle is like Bacon Flavored cinnamon buns. I know I won't like it, but Bacon!

(Same feeling about TSR era Dragonlance gaming material after reading the books first.)

I wanna run an Old School RPG where everyone plays that one character concept they've never found a game for, and I use all the weird zines and supplements I've bought over the years. Like an expedition to the depths of psychedelic madness in which the "survivors" never return because they've wandered too far and there is further yet to go.

I've been poking around the community for years but I don't play. Its mostly computer games played by submitting moves. What I really want it a few ongoing style games by mail but I haven't worked out how to make that a thing. Anybody have relevant experience?

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