On the one hand I really don't like pathfinder, on the other hand it is now the only RPG where you can support union workers with your purchase....

@Capheind FWIW I think Eclipse Phase is produced by a small group of anarchists, but as I think there's only 4 of them there's not a lot of reason to unionize.



@alienghic Yup they are. But they gotta crank out more stuff. I already bought their ~$200 USB bundle. Love the 2nd ed.

@Capheind Yeah 4 people who have other jobs are not going to crank out as much content as company with 30 employees and an unknown amount of management.

@alienghic They have managed to crank out "better" material. But thats down to personal opinion. (anybody wanna play eclipse phase?)

@Capheind It'd be cool, but I am so busy all the time these days.

@Capheind Work + pandemic cooking + kid is really really time consuming.

@alienghic More of that pesky adult voice. I found it much easier when i let the kids do my coursework now that im back at school. Sure 4 year old suck at stoichiometry, but I did finally run WEG Ghostbusters!

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