We finally get a licensed Stargate RPG and it's 5e.....

What system would be better?

Well hear me out, I know its a bit over used but i actually think Blades in the <BANG>

rOsE... bUd....

(Seal team six over the radio: Got 'em sir!
Biden: Excellent <hangs up, transforms into a puffin, and flys out of the window laughing>)

@Capheind Last time it was d20, so that figured.

It is tactical combat with jokes, so a low-risk D&D fits.

@mdhughes i mean yeah, but that had more to do with the mixed quality of the wroting. I guess id like the "best of all worlds" cultural exploration and diplomacy version of SG1.

Also if SG1 was an edition of D&D its BX, Jaffa is a CLASS. :)

@Capheind We don't see a lot of them, but there's Jaffa priests and non-coms. So they're basically tall Dwarfs.

@mdhughes Yup classic "NPCs dont have to abide by class rules" logic.

But forget all that i just had another campaign Idea I'll never get to run. A reboot of the failed cartoon using cartoon action hour! (There was a cartoon right? Or did I make that up in a fever dream?)

@Capheind I'm a Holmes/OD&D guy, so Dwarfs can be any class the Referee lets them, they just happen to mostly be Fighters.

@mdhughes No I just looked it up, Stargate: Infinity existed....

@mdhughes I watched whole episodes when it came out. And the Highlander cartoon lol.

@Capheind Really if I was gonna take it seriously, I'd adapt GDW's system, basically Dark Conspiracy with more weird tech, less Empathy (psionics). Or Tri-Tac's Fringeworthy, which was literally ripped off by Stargate.

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