Watching Space: 1999 and wondering why the heck rogue planets aren't a more common setting for space sci-fi.

@Capheind Well, you get one episode and then nothing happens for 400 years.

How is the Moon flying between a new star system every week? And if they were at 99.9% C, how are the Eagles able to decelerate, fly down to the planet, accelerate back up?

Nothing about Space:1999's premise makes sense. Shame because some of the writing, characters, and sets/models were really good.

@mdhughes Eagles leaving the surface of the moon sgould stay in the moons inertial reference frame unless im missing something.

But yeah the planet wouldn't be passing new things often enough to be interesting. unless they introduced some kind of suspended animation tech.

@Capheind The Eagle starts at 99.9% C, then has to slow to 0% C (all relative to local frame) to land, then get back up. If they had handwavey teleporters or inertial dampeners or something, fine, but it's 1999 space tech.

Some of the aliens do have handwavey tech, so at least they'd have a few guest eps but couldn't ever leave the Moon.


@mdhughes Ohhh your saying they dont make sense period not just in relation to the speed of the moon. That makes sense.

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