I was thinking about Metamorphosis Alpha and realizing that the entire idea of the leadership stat is kind of clever. In most RPGs there is a tendency to have piles of stuff for magic types, but mundane roles/classes/achytypes get the shaft. But in a B/X type D&D game or similar you could limit leadership ability and followers to fighters, rogues, etc.

@Capheind Yeah, MA gives non-Mutants a unique role. GW has Charisma for everyone, but PSHumans get a bonus, and can use more artifacts. It's much less focused.

In many of my games magic just takes up all skill/profession improvements so the mundanes have more options.

@mdhughes shadowrun kinda does that, in an ever oscilating cycle that goes to crap each edition. I played an uncybered mundane human in both 2nd and third edition. Its fun being the Gear/skills guy for a few months before the splat books make you nonviable. Although the new stuff focused on playing a "Face" may go some way to fixing that..... if i can learn to love again.

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