Some dipshit in an SR forum "Id never allow pixies at my table, this is Shadowrun not my little pony".

I dont think he knows much about Shadowruns lore or MLP...

"Im not going to let you SJWs ruin RPGs with your girly bullshit! Now if you'll excuse me i need to hit an arts and crafts store and buy some doll furniture for the Elf game I'm playing tonight."

@Capheind My Little Ponyrun where technology and magic collide. Ponies do the dirty work black ops that megacorps can't.

@mdhughes The MLPs, a group of centaur and changeling rockers by day runners by night. Their face/rigger is a cyborg pixie who runs around in a prettyboy anthrodrone with a rigger pod in the chest.

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