Every so often I get job offers for RPG (mainframe language) because I make RPGs (fantasy games). Then I get the most perplexing and morally dubious offer:

> We are looking for RPG Developers with a background and passion in blockchain technology, and those who have been a part of the 7DRL Challenge. Are you interested in applying for this position?

I… no, I want to kill blockchain before it kills all Humans*, but I also love my 7DRL game.

* Ambivalent there too, but Humans grow my food.


@mdhughes No humans and your hosed when you play your way through all the T&T Solos.

@mdhughes well and fighting fantasy etc. Crap your probably fine.

@Capheind Lotta roguelikes, too. I could finally play Dwarf Fortress more than a day.

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