Im watching the new CGI ghost in the shell. I was noticing the modern car-centric sprawl. After reading "Strong Towns" and realized that one way cities could continue with their unending growth addiction would be to take corp funds once the state and federal dollars dried up. Suburban Cyberpunk Dystopia, where the streets are paved with ads and spyware.

Not sure if its right for #FediHire but im looking for a #Job or #Internship somewhere in the southern end of #California. I need to get in some work hours for my #Horticulture Bs. It can be in any field of Horticulture.

Through #podcasting I have some experience in #scicom, I also managed a large #learning #garden for over 2 years for an afterschool program.

Possible Kingdom Hearts Spoilers. 

My partner just did a playthrough of Kingdom Hearts (cloud edition sucks even on fiber) and watching the plot broke my brain. They took 2 unrelated lores, readers digested them, then glued them together with a third equally incongruous lore.



Pride Across The Multiverse, a Secret Lair drop of 8 LGBTQIA2+ themed cards is still on sale for $40 from Wizards of the Coast, with proceeds going to the Trevor Project.

But did you know you can celebrate Fuck Rainbow Capitalism Month by donating to the Trevor Project yourself and just printing these cards at home? It's true!

You can do this and other support of queer folks directly instead of through corporate proxy. It's fun and easy to do.

I once had an argument with another RPG dude over wether or not WotC controlled "most" of the hobby on the basis of a ~40% market share. I'm still not sure if the dude didn't know what most means or if he didn't understand that the hobby was bigger than WotC and Piazo....

Ive made it through the first few days of a bundle of holding i want but will never have players for. Those are the hardest. I think im going to be ok!

Trying real hard not to care about the Blade Runner RPG... It'll only break my heart.

I have asked my partner to block bundle of holding on the router. They have 2 Shadowrun bundles.....

Time to reboost all my toots because the patronizing advice to twitter-ers is getting on my nerves.

Honestly I really like the idea, just not sure I wanna self host on the home network.

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Is it MADNESS that I'd like to setup an ssh/dialup just to run ?


Hi, I'm Jess! In my day job, I make games, do game research, and teach game design from middle school all the way up to postgraduate work. In the rest of my life, I read voraciously, sing, embroider, foster assorted cats, and spend time with my awesome family.

I'm hoping to reach folks who know me from G+, so please boost if you can. I'm also excited to meet new people in this community. Maybe it'll become my new home!

Ok Wizards, Sorcerers, and Necromancers, the issue of our age!

Anyone know of a good forum service for ? Specifically forums, not chat services. I thought about installing one on my godaddy shared hosting but im not paying for SSL just for that.

"Blade Runner: The Roleplaying Game, coming to Kickstarter SOON!"

No no no, NO!

When you obfuscate your dating sim behind a transhuman/cyberpunk horror setting.

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The Brooklyn Public library, one the largest public library systems in the country, is offering free digital library cards to teens nationwide, giving them access to their huge collection of ebooks and other resources.

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