My Fiancé and I will be playing 1-to-1 Runequest Roleplaying in Glorantha. Any tips?

Bardic Immunity from Journeyquest sounds like the kind of thing that would exist in most fantasy settings. Like your story people have immunity to harm if everyone elses does.

I wanna run a one on one Star Trek Adventures game with a similar premise to Voyager, except its a smaller ship and only one character gets tossed into a distant quadrant. The game will be as much about survivalism and strange new worlds as it will be dealing with your characters crippling loneliness.

Glad to see some #TTRPG creators actively shunning Kickstarter.

Bought the Wizards Tarot by the Wizard of Barge (Dungeon Degenerates). I rather like it and am trying to think of some ways of integrating it into RPGs.

But the Comments on their Instagram posts are something else...

Started reading The Book of Three from the Chronicles of Prydain. need more Oracular pigs.if your fantasy RPG doesn't have a pig based prophetic system DEMAND ONE! looks interesting. At least if you are into the .

Anybody else having issues with the DriveThru RPG app on windows? I've been trying to use it to archive my library on my Win laptop and its buggy as heck.

Every entry is duplicated multiple times, it shows things that are downloaded with multiple un-downloaded duplicate entries etc.

Got my and it looks freaking awesome! Now the couple of weeks i gotta wait for a 4b is going to feel like centuries!

Cuss Pack *mature language* 

And here are the *entire* contents of the Cuss Pack (1m43s) in one video. You're welcome, Internet.

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Thanks JRPGs! We bought my girls sparkly unicorn hobbyhorses and now I cant not see them as the quirky weapon girl characters.

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AHEM. I am putting together the FUCKING CENSORSHIP BUNDLE on Sex games. Proceeds to go to a sex worker charity. hmu if you want to throw your game in.

A very merry #Hogswatch to all!

Waiting for our insane ~8lb pork pie to cool and enjoying a nice port.

My daughter enjoys those virtual roller coasters on the you toobs. Wish some leet haxxor would make a Dungeons and Dragons ride based on the classic cartoon.

My 5 year old is SOO CLOSE to being ready for some kinda simplified .


Dumb sex joke, Zelda 


To add additional technocratic dystopia to your favorite Cyberpunk RPG (/2020/Red, , Cyberpunk, , etc.,) replace the exotic currency du jour with crypto.

Side effects may include explaining to the table "bro" why having to pay 1d10,000 bored monkey jpegs for all your gear is a bad thing.

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