I know Bright was a flaming pile of crap worldbuilding, but i still want a slice of life sequel following the Day to day of that centaur cop. What is his life like?

Starting a kickstarter for my new RPG Cyber Dallas 5000. Take on your role as a member of the Ewing clan as they manage a galactic resource harvesting empire in the year 5000.

Will JR come back as prophesized by the mad priest of Houston-9?

Will the Barnes combine violate the treaty?

Is it all just one of Bobby's fever dreams?

You'll have to back it to find out!

What system would be better?

Well hear me out, I know its a bit over used but i actually think Blades in the <BANG>

rOsE... bUd....

(Seal team six over the radio: Got 'em sir!
Biden: Excellent <hangs up, transforms into a puffin, and flys out of the window laughing>)

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We finally get a licensed Stargate RPG and it's 5e.....

Halflings are just gnomes who aren't cool enough to hang with badgers.

Its pretty cool. Franky D has a neat bright cartoony SNES RPG style I'm really digging.

Watch "Floating Islands" on YouTube

Not sure if there are folks who are looking to find the Bulldogs! Fate 3.0 / Fate Core books (along with some of the others from the Kickstarter) but if you are please ping me:


Group discounts available and might even throw in some other goodies.

(Note: Offer only available for USA folks. Until we can get cheap matter transport it's actually less hassle for me to send this to the moon than to where most of you live. Sorry!)

#bulldogs #farecore #faterpg #ttrpg

This afternoon: Coming up with d66 rumor tables about a Vampire Lord for an RPG jam thing.

I was this many years old when i realized that i could set a fantasy RPG in an Anarcho-syndicalist Collective... Its literally the only bit of Holy Grail I haven't stolen for a game. Their town hero will of course be Dennis the Organizer.

I'm working on a submission for the next Cepheus Journal (the free Cepheus Engine fanzine). I'm adapting H.G. Wells' War of the Worlds.

Here's a preview - The Martian Fighting Machines


Also D&D Pope is a pretty good position. People treat you like you know all just because whatever you say is the company position, and if you get caught being flat out wrong you just say the rules dont even matter. You can say the rules don't matter when the rules are your whole job!

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Why did D&D need a Pope? Like i know people tended to defer to Gary's rule clarifications, but i don't remember any single person being treated as Infallible the way 5E fans treat Jeremy Crawford.

NPC sees my wizard junk at the tavern.

NPC: Hear me neighbors and friends! This man is a foul Necromancer! He will do unspeakable things to our dead!

Me: GOOD NEWS! I am not a Necromancer! I am a Vivimancer, I'll be doing unspeakable things to your LIVING! Your dead are completely safe.

Since I have no idea what to do of the impulsively-purchased blahaj.online, I am giving away free subdomains for anyone who wants one. Just DM me the IP and the subdomain you want and I'll assign it to your server IP

:boost_rainbow: Boost Welcome

A rogue planet with an inhabited underdark fed by radio synthetic fungi would be a good basis for a psychedelic fantasy setting...

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Live action The Sword and The Stone with David Tennant as Merlin and a Tardis in his room.

Watching Space: 1999 and wondering why the heck rogue planets aren't a more common setting for space sci-fi.

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