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Blogging for the first time in a LONG time. No idea why I suddenly have the energy to create like this for the first time in ages.

Just...writing something down and posting it, rather then putting it off till I forget, or drafting it, getting it edited and never posting it.

Not going to lie, feels good.

Only downside, is I'm kinda terrified someone is going to discover I posted something horrible to my blog back in 2009 or something.

Party talking about all the people we murdered today.

Me: Theo has only caused one innocent death. Now, it WAS a dragon, but still, only one!

Violence inflicted on a roman noble NPC 

I pointed out that last time we had a really fancy plan it ended with us shooting someone in the EYE with an arrow, and all it did was give them a religious experience.

(I was in charge of rolling dice for this NPC as my character wasn't part of the execution of the plan and my dice were ON FIRE. Critical success on everyyyything.)

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Our plan to assassinate the Water Wu went so well we are like 60% sure he got away until the GM went "Ok, I'm seriously wondering if I'm too hard on you guys" due to how suspicious we were after it worked.

The phrase (paraphrased) was that we were "not so much looking the gift horse in the mouth, as rolling grapple on it and trying to pry its mouth open while screaming at it to let us see its teeth"

Given how often street food shows up (Japan, Rome, early in New York's history), pretty much any city could have street food, so that is something you should think about when

Clarification for anyone following along earlier discussion 

I want to be clear: I might have used some terms (lowest common denominator) that could be taken as an insult, and I did not mean to use them like that.

A better way of saying it would be "I don't think games that need emotional labour will ever be as popular as ones that don't, but both are valid styles that should exist"

I should really finish writing my RPG so I have something to show people when I say "Skill based games don't have to be complicated or scary like GURPS"

Which is also why I liked skill based games. The answer is always "What skill on your sheet is the closest to what you want to do, roll that, possibly with a penalty if its not a great match"

And I think everything but skills and abilities should be done via roleplaying anyway. >.>

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I think part of the reason I think system doesn't matter (much) is that I see nothing wrong with, and have used REPEATEDLY, the DMing style of "Tell me what you want to do, I'll tell you what dice to roll"

Like, when I ran Call of Cthulhu only I'd read the rulebook, the rest of the players just....went along with it. (And honestly, I think I ran just about every rule wrong, but dammit, I did it consistently wrong so it all worked out)

My issue with the state of RPGs:

It feels like we've got two basic schools of RPGs.

You've got D&D which is basically a James Bond movie. Dumb fun, high budget, easily accessible, and a bunch of problematic baggage included since that is how it was done when they first did it in the 60s and 70s.

Then you've got arthouse cinima narrative RPGs, which are really well written and directed, and about as accessible as Fort Knox since they avoid most tropes and traditions.

Dark quote 

"Are there any desecration of the corpse guidlines we are going for?"

This 9th-century Spanish guy: "KIDS THESE DAYS are all into ARABIC and BOOKS and LEARNING! They don't even know how to write in Latin!"

So, it's already 7 days into January 2021 and I'm pretty sure that 2020++ is going to be how I'll be notating it.

GURPS, being terrible people, quote from our game 

When in doubt, desecrate a corpse

One of the ultimate fantasical abstractions TTRPG can provide:

"I ask around..."

d&d character idea:

an Extremely Lawful warlock whose patron is Primus, the ruler of Mechanus

but they only ever communicate with Primus by speaking with a higher-level modron and passing messages up the chain of command

maybe at higher levels they get a monodrone or a duodrone assigned to them as a familiar

department of homelands security. we make sure nobody bullies the least popular mtg set

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