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There's a weird phenomenon here. Homebrew that mimics the system UI looks like it should have touch support, but does not. Homebrew that looks nothing like the system UI often has touch support, even if it's awkwardly poking at lines of text that are too small.

Nobody seems to agree on what a UI should look like, but they all agree that it should have the wrong visual cues.

"The move came a year after the B.C. court of appeal—post-consultation with the SOGIC committee—brought in a new directive that would allow counsel to use “Mx.,” or simply “Counsel,” in place of the limited binary of “Mr.” and “Mrs.”"

All from xtramagazine.com/power/misgend

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!!! "British Columbia courts now require lawyers and litigants to state their name, honorifics and pronouns at the start of proceedings"

Surprise Saturday !

Again, Dragonlance dragons are the best dragons, I love how they are not crazy-oversized, but CLEAR threads, sleek, obvious scales without having creepy horns everywhere or odd bumps.

Everything about them just SCREAMS "dragon"

Making a new character. I'm a Village Hero who plays the zarrabete (hurdy-gurdy)

@Archiviste_Dragontigre @storycircle YEPPP. I work on a uni campus that is BIG into it. It was designed by someone who got famous for designing prisons!

Ok, seriously, even the DRAGONLANCE adventures don't have real dragons on all of them? I feel cheated by this statue. It isn't even a great statue. vintagerpg.tumblr.com/post/621

FINALLY gotten to my favourite Dragonlance era of D&D Dragons! SO HAPPY

And by gotten to, I mean "Found where the Vintage RPG Tumblr posted them while going through every post of theirs looking for dragons"

Isn't this a great dragon? vintagerpg.tumblr.com/post/621

@Canageek @goosey I've been thinking about this image all day and decided to look it up. What I thought was some straightforward metaphor for opium is actually an illustration from a Russian fairytale, and while I'm sure there's still lots of metaphor here, I don't think it's about drugs gutenberg.org/files/48605/4860

OR OR it could be that one piece was just good. (The reviewer did say it was the best). This dragon looks like a statue, not a living creature.

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I disagree with the reviewer of this adventure about the quality of the interior art: I am a fan. I like these dragons faces for once.

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I guess there were wargame elements or something?

You can see they hadn't settled on the modern version of the dragons yet, in some cases I like these outlines a lot better.

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Ok, those wings are very good.

"DL9 - Dragons of Deceit (1985) pushes into the action of the third Dragonlance novel, Dragons of Spring Dawning. "


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