@Sagrilarus I know I'm 9 hours late, do you still need help with this? can you provide the RSS feed?

some custom proxies to possibly rotate in and out of my minotaur deck
🎨​ Svetlin Velinov

all just scryfall.com/card/jou/105/pens with flavor text changed

As I had to remind myself tonight: No game is better than a bad game when it comes to TTRPGs. Don't stay with a group that you don't feel welcome in or has a bad GM.

pretty sure the fire pigeons aren’t gonna care about your silly little sign

I've switched to downloading the photos and uploading them again, as they are jpegs, but if I copy and past them they are PNGs and that wastes a LOT of server space for no damn reason.

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"Actually I'm a pacifist, I prefer the title Peacelock of Fire Mountain"

Comics for sale (UK) 

I have a very large collection of for sale.

About 1,500 in all. Stored bagged & boxed in NW England.

Sensible offers please. Boosts welcome

Modern fantasy #ttrpg / #dnd has so many varieties of dragons.

Yet I find types like the Hoop Lindwurm or the dragon familiars from German folklore to be curiously underrepresented.

Random Runner Thought of the Day.

Always prepare for the stupid shit, if a job is going to easy then it is.
Always make sure your team mage is happy and willing to save your ass when you accidentally anger a wraith and it proceeds to chase you through an Aztechnology office that is going to blow up in five minutes.

Oh by the way had nothing to do with that Aztec Building blowing up, just using it as an example... yeeep.

@greylurk Yeah, no kidding.

What gets me is good evidence that "campaign" meant a single play session or expedition (like, from when you entered the dungeon to when you got home). So an evening to a weekend.

So in your quote that isn't the DM managing a bunch of parties at different times, that is at the same table!

@dmr ? I thought both where equally TTRPG based? From having accounts on both I found tabletop.social was more about playing games, while dice.camp was more about designing games.

That said, this is rather outdated and the communities might have changed

Hey #ttrpg designers.
The Digital Public Library of America has an easily searchable collection of maps, documents, images and even sounds.
Best part? It tells you what the copyright level is so you know if you can steal it.


Everyone you mention in a Direct message will get the toot.

This is not a dm, it can involve more than one person.

If you dont want to have someone receive the toot, dont mention them (remove the first @ for example).

Again, because it is not intuitive, Everyone you mention will get the Direct Message

@dapperbear I think 3 is about ideal for me these days, but on a weekend that isn't after a long day of work I might be able to go a lot longer

@dapperbear I've played the intro adventures and the system worked fine? It was the testbed for a lot of 3rd edition D&D mechanics as I recall.

Sadly the new 2nd edition wasn't supported for very long and the community want very happy with it

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