Guess I should introduce myself.

Hi, I'm Canageek. This is my roleplaying account, my main one is

I like more traditional RPGs like &D, and , but will try other things.

I often post pictures of dragons to , since dragons are cool, I also post things that can serve as game inspiration to

I played a cleric in the region of for many years, while running my Call of Cthulhu game. I'm in a Yrth GURPS game right now, but it's getting harder and harder to enjoy it since I'm playing online and my ADHD makes it oddly hard to focus on games when I'm not there in person.

I've got a habit of loving the IDEAs of RPG settings but hating all the details: Example: I love a lot of the trappings of , but can't stand what they did with it, so I idly write my own ships-in-space setting in my head. I've only tried to run it once, and it failed due to grad school burnout.

I also like for the system, but again, want to tweak and rewrite SO MANY things.

@Canageek regarding the original Alternity/Star*Drive system, they had the most astounding & detailed world building and sourcebooks, but I get like the rules/mechanics themselves were nearly unplayable. I still have all those sourcebooks, though, for use in other games.


@dapperbear I've played the intro adventures and the system worked fine? It was the testbed for a lot of 3rd edition D&D mechanics as I recall.

Sadly the new 2nd edition wasn't supported for very long and the community want very happy with it

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