More people on Mastodon should post about what they are playing. I see lot of people talking about buying games, painting miniatures, and writing games (though a lot less of that last one then when I was on but still surprised how few posts about actually playing or running games I see.

@Canageek I haven't played anything tabletop since I left FASA, and that was a couple of years ago now. I'm playing PC stuff, Stardew Valley and Minecraft, nowadays, with some side ventures, like Spiritfarer and Strange Horticulture. I was asked by my family to put together an 1879 game for them a while back, but then none of them followed through with character build, so I shelved my notes for that. If anyone is running Shadows of Esteren, I'd like to play.

@WanderingBeekeeper At first I thought 1879 was an 18xx train game, but obviously not. What is it?

Also what is Shadows of Esteren?.

Right now I've got two games I'm thinking of running, but I don't think I have the energy back from being burnt out from finishing grad school yet.

@Canageek 1879 is the IP I developed for FASA, an anticolonialist steampunk fantasy game set in the same cosmos as Earthdawn and Shadowrun, and leaning into the class struggle that "punk" implies. The game world is set up so you can play the usual steampunk tropes, but there's a Social Level mechanic that may cause you problems if you're out of your element. One of the Secret Societies is the Levellers, so you can play union organizers in the late steam age. There's also a lot of queer content.

@Canageek Shadows of Esteren is an early medieval period world, fantasy horror genre. It's got three approaches to magic, all of which have a price. The supernatural is rare and bloody dangerous. The mechanic leans into the effects of the adventuring life on the characters, and the trauma that they either process or don't. Kind of a Celtic Twilight feel, which is appropriate for a game produced in France. Incredible art in the books. Really high production values.

@WanderingBeekeeper Sound way darker then I like to roll, particularly in this era, but I wish you luck!

(I actually had to drop out of one of my GURPS games during the pandemic as it was already trending darker then I usually like, and then my tolerance for dark got way lower then it normally is)

@Canageek Yeah, well, I'm a CoC player from way back. Shadows of Esteren has a moody feel that I'm looking to experience as a player partly so I can see how they handle psychological horror in a low fantasy setting. I've never been all that great at horror, which is a little tough when you're running Earthdawn. I've had to borrow from a lot of sources over the years. I seem to be better at political complications.

@WanderingBeekeeper I'm a CoC player, but my games always tended very pulpy, with a strong comedy element. I realized early on that if you missed setting a scary mood, you wound up sounding silly, and it was often better to run with that then try and steer the session dark.

If the players went home laughing, well, might not have been the goal, but they had a good time, and it makes an oddly good comedy game if you've got the right sense of humour.

@Canageek last CoC game I was in was at a con, run by Cheese Weasel. 2 tables, 1 in an asylum in 1920 with inmates, 1 in modern day with investigators. There were time travel mind swap shenanigans with a Mi-go device. My char was a math professor who got into non Euclidean geometry and thought he was from the distant future. I got points for doing a comm badge joke when things went pear shaped. I was also the one who figured out the shenanigans and put a stop to them.

@WanderingBeekeeper Nice! I've actually only been a player in CoC once, in 2019 at a con.

@Canageek last time I posted about a plan I was working on, one of my players saw it and it gave away the twist, so I don't do that any more...

@Canageek and in my experience while stories of a game actually being played are brilliant for those who were there, it's quite tedious to listen to someone else explain how they had fun, especially when half the fun probably doesn't translate to another group. Even watching actual plays is often tedious and slow, unless the players are professional actors; reading about them underwhelms me, and so I don't really want to inflict that on others

@sil @Canageek There's certainly an element of that in play; nobody wants to hear about you talk about your PC, of course. One fix I've seen work out okay is to keep it to the bare minimum; 500 characters should be just about the right amount to give the broad strokes of a session without getting too bogged down in the round-by-round combat. I also find self-reply threads to be easy to skip if I'm not interested; it's not like I'm button-holed at a party or something.

@gdorn @sil Yeah, exactly. I love hearing funny quotes and stuff even if I don't want to hear the long details

You mean that we can actually play the games we buy? What an excentric idea!

@Canageek I post them as much for myself as for anyone else. I see them as dispatches from #boatmode

For a while, I would write three fiction tales for every session and post one of them on here. I got super burnt out doing that so I stopped but I liked them.

@Canageek I am not currently playing anything and haven't been for a while 😩😩 I desperately want to get back to the wheel with my friends

The last games I played were an Adventure Time official TTRPG, and the first game of a Steam States campaign

@Canageek it's a Spanish (I think) TTRPG with aesthetics that combine Steampunk with the Wild West, in a fantasy setting

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