Ok, I probably missed most of the new people, but I guess I should post a new introduction.

Hi, I'm Canageek. I'm a chemist and x-ray crystallographer outside of gaming.

More relevant in gaming I tend towards the light-hearted and traditional. The games I've played the most are D&D3e/3.5/PF, GURPS and Call of Cthulhu 6e. (By traditional I mean, GM/Player model with no weird narrative mechanics). That said, last year I finished a 9 year long weekly plot & politics HEAVY GURPS game.

@Canageek Oh cool! What kind of plot & politics play did you have? Did player characters participate in, like, court intrigue, or factional divides, or, like, electoral meddling? How did you collectively handle remembering intentions & desires of many NPCs?

@gnat Factional meddling. I just relied on my memory, I've got a good one for details if I get into the game (Which I think is frustrating the DM as I've been unable to get into the new ones now that we are on Skype)

It was a lot of dealing with the various existing and new factiosn we encountered and convincing them to not destroy our much weaker civilization

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