Something that has bugged me since the RPG blogosphere was big:

There are a million and one articles on being a better DM.

There are very few articles on how to be a better player.

This seems to be improving a bit, but why does everyone expect the DM have to do all the work? Why don't we teach players how to work with teh DM?

@Canageek I think that's generally regarded as the DM's job to help a player better integrate into the group that they personally want to cultivate.

though for me if you're playing a spellcaster in 5e I *will* get angry if, after the 4th regular session, you still don't know what your spell save DC is

@thorgrit I was thinking more like:
How to help the DM by not ignoring plot hooks

Talking to the DM if you don't like where the plot is going

Helping make sure the other players get their time in the spotlight instead of hogging it all (Making sure each player gets time to shine is standard DM advice)

@Canageek ah, reinforcing how to help the DM to help you to help us all kinda thing

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