You know what I really love about GURPS and The Call of Cthulhu and similar games?

Characters can have *texture*.

When I've played FATE and FUDGE they were more broad strokes: you got a few points, BIG ONES, to define your character. And that elegance is COOL, don't get me wrong. You want someone able to sit down at a table, see a character sheet and know what someone is about? That was damn cool.

@Canageek On what axis do you mean "what they're all about?"

Because to me the most interesting parts of a character are the things that are untranslatable to a charsheet.

@Canageek Traits like "how do they deal with the disappointment of feeling left out of something?"

@starkatt See, that stuff is system agnostic for me, since as you said, you can't put that on a character sheet.

@Canageek :nod: just sayin', I could look at a sheet filled with like "has a dot in Navigation" and not feel like it conveyed significant things about a character, personally :)

@starkatt Oh that is true, like, to anyone else it means less, but when you know the history of the character, it helps to have that down, doubly so when a skill comes up years later.

Like, my character was a party animal before the campaign, so he had dancing as a skill, and that came up two years into the game when we showed up at our new allies town in the middle of their spring festival (The festival when they have enough supplies to stop eating winter cabbage) and was able to

@Canageek The fundamental difference here is that you find skill checks expressive and I don't.

@Canageek Like, my character danced last night!

And rather than rolling to impress, I just said "Ok, so the way she dances is confident and unashamed, but she has pretty much no experience so it's a bit flailing and chaotic." Because that was true to her nature and history :)


@starkatt Yeah, you probably also don't like skill success and failure becoming major parts of the story.

Like, the biggest example I can think of is when I blew a wild magic roll and teleported us to a demi-dimension. That is when we encountered time travel magic and discovered the list of magics that both the Sedhai and Ferion agree is SUPER banned due to the risk of ending the world (antimagic, teleportation, time travel).

Which has led into the final plot arc

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@Canageek Oh, no, success and failure need to be significant, otherwise there's no point to rolling in the first place.

@starkatt That was my impression for a long time, but our DM has us roll a lot (including for a lot of stuff I'd handwave) and I've seen him turn a minor failure into three entertaining sessions while we fix the mistake in our logistics roll or something like that.

@starkatt It is a different style, and not one I'm sure I could pull off, but when it works it is really cool. That said, I HAVE seen it get tedious at times, but it is a cool experience to say the least.

@Canageek okay so here's an hopefully illuminating question about the way your campaign runs: which of these modalities of player intent vs character motivation is dominant?

b) "Your job as a player is to have your character pursue her goal, having her act with integrity to her personality as it develops, and play to find out what happens to her." alongside some f) " Your job as a player is to see your character into adventures and danger alongside the other players' characters, regardless of her goals. You can have her pursue her goals when they'll bring her along, and ignore them when they'd have her retreat into her seclusium to study instead."

@starkatt But then I tend to be a very reactive player, rather then active. I think the DM wanted us to be more directed in where the campaign went early on, but adapted when most of us where more focused on personal or abstract character goals.

(My character is focused on making our new society more egalitarian and without money then the 10th century feudalism they left behind for example)

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