Me to DM: if the final boss of the campaign is a tree, and my skill in Profession: Lumberjack doesn't come up, I'm going to be a little disappointed


I have had Profession: Lumberjack on my character sheet since I joined this game in May 2013. I *think* I've used it, but not for YEARS

This is one of the reasons I don't like games where you only have a few things on your character sheet. You can't have background skills that rarely come up like this.

@Canageek If someone in my group had that skill they'd chop down power poles to disable building security and potentially crush passerbys.

My group's a little nuts, though.

@tratz Fantasy game, my character was a lumberjack before the game started, then moved to carpentry as a more long-term skill, and is now an administrator and diplomat.

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