@DialMforMara and I got talking about MtG and how I would make an RPG that used magic more like how it was in some of the early novels and how Jodah used it and now it seems I have to write a blog post. (Parts inspired by seeing how @ajanionthespot runs his D&D MtG game)

Core ideas:

Instants take one action
Sorcery-Speed spells take a full found (from when you cast it till your next turn) so everyone gets a chance to mess with them

Rituals take longer (big spells, scrying, etc)

No character classes- Some kind of point by system

Can use the land you are standing on once/combat (Mara insisted)

You get x*character level in lands, but can only use character level lands at a time, can swap them out when you rest (Possibly fancy mechanics here)

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Probably have separate decks of utility and combat cards to encourage non-combat spell use.

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@Canageek I wanted to be able to use lands more than once per combat. You're gonna have to do some serious rebalancing of mana usage.

@DialMforMara Possibly a rest action? I was thinking like:

level in lands available at once
With a 15 minute rest you can swap out mana (including spent mana) for ones in your sideboard

With a full rest (1 hour? 8 hours?) you refresh all your lands and swap out any cards you want

@Canageek your game plays a lot more cautiously than Magic. Perhaps too cautiously; if you only have one land plus the environment at level one, you only get one spell in a whole combat

and the party spends a great deal of time resting, which is not how I want to play a ttrpg

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