Question: Does anyone have experience printing proxy cards? I've got them made up, but I'm not sure how to lay them out on a sheet of paper so that they are the right size. Anyone have experience with this?

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(Note they are just being printed on cardstock so they don't have to be perfect, just close enough for casual play

@Canageek For my use case, I put them in sleeves in front of basic lands, so I don't even use card stock. Also for me it doesn't have to look 'right', as long as it's recognizable and cannot be confused for the card under it.

I've been using win7's built-in print images feature, select 9 per page, uncheck the default 'fit to frame' (so it pads rather than crops), and go. They come out about a quarter inch or so smaller than real cards.

@mycroft that is what I did for my last batch, I was hoping for something a little bit closer to the actual size

@mycroft and part of doing it specifically so I can print my photography on lands

@Canageek Honestly, I just lay them out in my word processor (google docs in my case,) print them at the library, cut them out by hand and then just sleeve them up in front of a token or chaff common.

You'll want them to be 2.5 inches wide to be the right size for the sleeves. I find I can fit four on a 9x13 page.

@Canageek What image editor are your using? It depends how much graphic design you have for my advice.

-Generally, try getting the proxy image from the official site. That tends to get an image that is the same size as the actual card.

-Then do not stretch/resize it.

@Scofisticated I'm using the magic set editor so they're the right size image files

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