Thinking of getting off my duff and finally running the 5th edition spelljammer game that I keep talking about.

The premise would be your a group of adventurers for the queen of the Republic, who are sent out to the boarder regions that don't hear from the central authority much. your job is to help them out stop whatever problems they're having with Bandits, food shortages, cultists, whatever and make the crown look good while doing it.

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I'd be very Loosely using the spelljammer setting. I'd keep the core ideas of swashbuckler a ships in space, but also using them as a method of moving the party between adventure sites which would be more traditional D&D so I could use pre-written adventures.

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I won't be using any of the weird garbage left over from first edition about god's not being able to give you spells when you're cut off from planer access. I'd be using more of an Eberron base religion system where some people get spells from the gods, many of these religions dog most directly contradict one another and yet they both get spells.

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plus pretty much anything from any D&D setting would go as a player character if we can find a reasonable 5th Edition rules for it. Warforged, Dragonborn, Giff, etc.

Oh yeah, looking for players. Hoping for ~5 posts per week from each player.

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Ok, setting idea. There is a vast republic. Each planet gets to send in a number of representatives in proportion to their population. However, this means that the sparsely inhabited boarder regions tend to get abandoned when tough times come. Tough times have been around for a while, and the newly elected Monarch sends out small bands of skilled beings-at-arms to assess and assist this outer regions.

This is On Her Majesty's Deep Space Service

Confession time: I'm mostly going to be adapting traditional D&D adventures. I just wanted a reason built in for everyone to not act like wandering sell swords, while still cutting you off from resupply. Plus, it gets around the idea that wandering heavily armed adventures are common.

Plus it helps avoid alignment issues of you have a badge (gives LG Paladins some flexibility), and avoids CN jerk play.

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@Canageek maaaybe? I’ve never tried the whole doing roleplaying games online before, so I can’t say how it’d work out timing wise etc, but I’m interested

@Satsuma @sandraregina Play by post, in a forum. So everyone posts when they are online, I'm hoping for at least 1 post every 48 hours from each player. It is a very slow form of play, lots of time for in-character banter, even during combat. Think that works well with the swashbuckling aspects of the setting.

@Canageek - hm. Then I could be down for a swashbuckling Tabaxi fighter. I don't usually play fighter types but I like the idea of a catfolk swinging from ropes and doing flips and flourishes with a rapier or saber.

@Canageek What variant of chargen rules do you want used?

@theshyion I'll work that out tomorrow! This will be my first time running 5e. Also my first time DMing in five years, so I might be a bit rusty. Hope that is OK!

@theshyion I'm hoping to get a rough idea of what people want to play to start. @DialMforMara wants to try playing a rogue right now. What are you thinking of?

@Canageek @DialMforMara It has been a while since I've properly paladined, and I miss it.

@Canageek I would want to play this.
Ya know, if I wasnt already in a bunch of games and several provinces away.

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