one time i got all the way through character creation in a tabletop game with a bard who died years ago but channels the adoration from his fans as a form of prayer to retain his form and weave energy into devastating magic attacks

but then the DM noticed me writing the character name "spellvis" and i had to start over

but, by that time, the players had gone through the "haha we're just fucking around" and "oh shit our actions have consequences" stages, through anger at the duke and horror at the ruin they'd wrought, to genuinely wanting to correct what they'd done!

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i did eventually give them a way to redeem themselves by bringing information about a power play by another noble house to the Duke, and essentially forfieting all their (8th level) magic items to help finance the rebuilding

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the campaign turned into a desperate flight across the wilderness, pursued by a group of eldritch knight magistrates

eventually they found out that while nobody died, the whole town had to rebuild from scratch in an adjacent valley

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recalling the time my freshman d&d players decided they were tired of the mayor telling them what to do so they burned down the town.

the local noble (for whom they were working) decided to make an example of them and hunted them across the entire kingdom

ttrpg icebreaker question of the day: "What is your character's relationship to Pokemon?"

extremely old, nigh-immortal remnants/survivors of a precursor civilization

their ancient precursor tech is still around & often functional, they just haven't turned it on in two thousand years and don't feel like digging through their garage to find the instruction manual

their precursor tech toaster and coffee machine, otoh, are well maintained and still used daily

@chr do you know if cheesy dragon statues are still widely available, I haven't seen one in a decade, but I also haven't been looking

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is a little different today, it's time to pack up what statues are not still packed from leaving my parents house, so you get to see a picture that I took

no idea where I got this one, or when other than sometime in elementary or high school, if you know anything about it let me know

I've got to say, when your Excel spreadsheet hits 80 MB it might be time to consider that you've actually just written a program and use a better tool for the job....

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Today's annoyance, hero forge is reusing the name of a D&D character creator from the early 2000s so every time it's name is mentioned I go wait, the incredibly bloated Excel spreadsheet?

LOL research has discovered that if you respect a cat's boundaries, they're more likely to be affectionate and less likely to scratch you.

Which of course the articles phrased as letting the cat be "in charge" because asking somebody if you can touch them aka *consent* has to be phrased as a control issue, and the "cats have staff" jokes come out. A dog's consent should be respected too!

Since "let the chat choose" is seen in all the articles I assume it's also in the university press release.

"math": i have made Reals
me: you fucked up a perfectly good line is what you did. look at it. it's got algebra

"All of your weapons are returned except for Wulfrun's sword"


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humour about babies and canniblism 

"If he had a baby, I don't think he would have it HERE"

"He always has 7 days of food for the whole party on him! That could be a baby!"

Me: "A baby is two days of food, TOPS"

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"Nonetheless you have no standing unless you are carrying his baby"

"Wulfrun, do you have a baby? Just give it to me to carry while I walk around the mountain"

Then I died laughing

Trademark is really stupid. The ENTIRE POINT of it is to allow consumers to differentiate products in the market.

And yet:

Icons RPG (superhero RPG) and Icon RPG (Fantasy) are both on sale at the same time.

Also: Outer Wilds and Outer Worlds are both games with similar concepts that launched in the SAME YEAR.

Also: Dark Matter (RPG setting) and Dark Matter (RPG) (That one annoys the heck out of me since now I can't effing google the game setting *I* like, which was ALREADY hard.

I'm very glad the call of cthulhu discord I'm on (Miskatonic University podcast) was also unhappy with Sandy Peterson for being transphobic instead of brushing it off.

They also echo @mdhughes 's comments about him being a huge asshole. Like, this is apparently part of a PATTERN of him being a dickweasle.

Hello, is anyone interested in these 2 sets of dice by Chessex? They are the frosted 7-die-sets in smoke and red. Also, I have a set of 8 dice in frosted blue, with 3 4-sided dice, d8, d10 and d100 (10s), d12 and d20. DM please. :d20: Boost okay!

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