A whole COLLECTION of magic items for either your Roman or Post-Roman game or a modern game. Who wouldn't want to wear a Roman talisman of protection shaped like a penis?

Usually when you see temples in a game, they are very European inspired. Why not use these as inspiration for one of your world's religions instead?

Usually when you see a map in an RPG it is a very modern map. Which is good, as they let you describe things to the player. However, when showing things to players, you could bring in maps from other traditions here, to help them get a sense for the place and culture.

Super loving all this D&D talk recently. My MTG playgroup is also about 60% of my D&D playgroup, so I like having a one-stop-shop for questions! I'm getting ready to roll up a new Sorceror, so I may come with questions!
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@Canageek might I also suggest the hell pig? As big as a horse and it probably was an omnivore.

When running pre-history games the standard sabre toothed tigers and wool mammoths may feel a bit old hat. How about a BIRD THE SIZE OF A POLAR BEAR?

(Actually the third largest known bird, but the first one to live in Europe)

D&D&MtG Recap 

D&D&MtG Recap

Probably part of a disinformation campaign, but they still make great props. Or they could be real in your game world. Or your players could THINK they are real at the start, but they are actually fake, and your players get swept up in a huge espionage plot when they discover they are fake.

The monsters in Blake's paintings are perfect for an RPG, and you could definitely tie a plot to them being real...

Savage tick-clone armies are sucking cows to death; experts fear for humans. I usually try to expand on the titles, but I think this one is good enough to have done my job for me.

Last year I published a completely self-indulgent novella-length fanfiction with a silly plot where an autistic character falls in love with another character and hijinks ensue.

Today I got my third or fourth comment on it from a parent of an autistic person thanking me for writing something that helped them understand their child, a response that I never would have anticipated.

Autistic writers: Your work matters.

The safe to end all safes has been unearthed near a synagogue in Chicago. What does it contain, and is it related to the alligator?

Scale it up, make it mutant or whatever, and you've got a monster of a week plot. Then you can decide if reports are exaggerated, and the gator is actually the size in the article, or if there is really a giant man-eating gator in Chicago.

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