@Canageek I played Ars Magica 1-2E for like 5 years (much of it PBEM). Fantastic game & setting. Tends to be social-graph-crawls where you magic-murder your way thru hostile factions. Literally where Vampire came from.

Get the Whimsy Cards if you can, they're sort of the adventure generator.

3E and later are bulky with dumb rules, and change the balance to make Companion & Grog (mook) fighters much more survivable, which is silly in a game about wizards.


This is a thing for me as well: I don't like it when a house style is so dominant it feels like all the art is by the same person. Since that means if I don't like that style, I won't like *any* of your art.

I got to turn ~35 4/4 goblins sideways in MtG today. It was actually really boring as I went off so fast no one else did anything. 3rd turn Krenko and then deck went entirely perfectly after that.

I need new vegas d6s. A friend of my Dad's brought some back decades ago, they put the ones removed from the casino on his pillow with a scratch on one face to show they were not to be used in casinos anymore. They are some of the best d6s I've ever used. But they are both yellowing crumbling at the edges now. Would love some new ones.

time! This is the 5e monster manual red dragon. If there is ONE dragon a bit of D&D art will get right it is the red. I think that is because they try and put too many bells and whistles on other dragons. The red is just A DRAGON.

@Canageek I played it, but it was very dream-like and we did better at that with Lords of Creation. But Yaquinto also made Swashbuckler & Adventurer, fantastic man-to-man combat games with programmed movement (like forward 2, swing, R, F might be a turn's commands, then everyone plays out their commands simultaneously).

People are DEFINITELY getting more into rolelplaying at this point, as is illustrated on this article on the diffrences between and Inn and a Tavern and what % chance the apprentices at each will be literate, along with this menu. Before this the VAST majority or articles treated D&D like a wargame.

(Note that as a Canadian I can tell you that beavertails are a pastry, not actual meat dish. In the US I think they are called Elephant Ears?)

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By Dragon #29, 1979, DMs and players are getting sick of Gygax's wargame "fantasy fucking Vietnam" approach and are publishing articles on how to encourage heroic action and replicate styles of play from the Shanara books.

Depictions of fascism, Legend of the Galactic Heroes 

This isn't to say it can't be done well: One of my all time favourite series is Legend of the Galactic Heroes. It has a legitimately good person taking control of an empire by force and making himself a dictator. HOWEVER, it makes it VERY clear he is an aberration and that societies not run by the people will naturally become abusive, and stopping him, EVEN though he is an excellent ruler, is a major feature of the series.

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40K being problematic 

There has been a lot of talk about how things are changing with the return of the Primach of the ultramarines who is an actually good guy.

But. But.

You've replaced an incompetent and clearly evil dictatorship with a competent one. You see how this is not better, and is, in fact, worse, right? Like, the ununanced depiction of an enlightened dictator is by default fascist propaganda, right? Like, the idea of one strong, wise man running things is their whole mythology?

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I think the Tau were supposed to be good guys when they were introduced, a race of people willing to sacrifice and work together for the good of everyone who worked with them, but they've decided that they are actually creepy and exploitative. Which makes me sad.

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Annoyance at 40K, deception of fascism 

A large part of the original 40K thing was not only does fascism not make the trains run on time, it has arrested the train for techoheresy. It has been replaced by a team of oxen pulling a bunch of cars chained together. The cars all work, and could just drive on the road, but turning them on is illegal. Not for any good reason, but an unrelated obscenity law makes inserting a long, straight object with a rounded budge at one end into a slot for purposes other then procreation a crime, and a law regulating the creation of keys mandates they be long and straight with a rounded budge at the other end.

However, they made the mistake of making things LOOK cool, which drew on the temptation to make them BE cool, and now the imperium are default good guys

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the company that made the software for my self-driving car went bankrupt and it's now incapable of moving because it has drm that requires access to the company's servers

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Dammit. Watched an Ars Technica interview with Dan Abnett and the way he talked about 40K and myth cycles and whatnot is EXACTLY how I think about 40K. This is making me want to read his books.

At the same time, I'm still kinda bitter about 30K setting down a definitive version of the Horus Heresy instead of leaving it in myth.

(Yes, I know how problematic 40K is. I'm also aware it started as anti-Thatcher propaganda. It's complicated.)

The PERFECT instrument to play as evil magical mist flows around a magical circle of stones.

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