RPGs as works of abstract art I've seen in person:

Fate is Voice of Fire
GURPS is a Jackson Pollock painting.

But in GURPS or Cthulhu one skill point is almost free. You get over a hundred of the things. So you want to detail that your character spent first year as a English Lit major before moving into Theoretical Astrophysics? You can do that. Have a hobby skiiing? You can do that.

Also: I love how over the long term the skills you have show the phases of the campaign. Like when we ALL took navigation due to our ranger taking a year off.

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You know what I really love about GURPS and The Call of Cthulhu and similar games?

Characters can have *texture*.

When I've played FATE and FUDGE they were more broad strokes: you got a few points, BIG ONES, to define your character. And that elegance is COOL, don't get me wrong. You want someone able to sit down at a table, see a character sheet and know what someone is about? That was damn cool.

it blows my mind that this game has been going on since spring 2013, which means we're approaching 8 years of weekly sessions.

That means given we've been doing somewhere between 40 and 50 sessions a year that we're now approaching 400 sessions in this campaign

Geeze. This campaign has been going for about the same length IRL time and in game time.

Which is weekly for the last almost *eight years*

The Surveying skill our ranger picked up like, 4 real time years ago just came up XD

(like, layout surveying to go with his cartography and architecture skills)


@Canageek here's something for your Weird TTRPG Ideas thing

a creepypasta about a mysterious list of partial SHA-256 hashes

maybe it was created by an AI with an agenda


I'm not entirely certain that Coven isn't in fact just Black Sabbath from an alternate universe.

"This album marked the first appearance in music of the sign of the horns, inverted crosses, and the phrase "Hail Satan".[...]Coven's bass guitarist and co-writer (Michael Gregory Osborne) is credited as "Oz Osborne", and the opening track is "Black Sabbath". "

Now I wonder what type of world that timeline is.


Everyone has probably heard about the Pentagon UFO tape releases by now, but...Just in case this was missed, The pentagon has released higher quality version of three tapes of unidentified flying objects seen by pilots. These would make for great props for a game.


mcmansionhell.com/post/1699445 < This one specifically looks at what sound was like in four houses from 1896, 1915, 1936 and 1963 and how sound would carry in them, and how what was effected by the type of furniture popular in each time period. Which means a) You get details and blueprints of those houses and what was in them, and b) You know how hard it is to sneak around them or hide the sounds of a fight from the neighbours.

A few stories of women taking on male personas so that they could travel the world in an age when women were not allowed on sailing ships, perfect for historical RPGs:


hot take games should just fucking have blurbs that say "this is why this mechanic is here" or "here's how we intend for you to use this button" instead of being super fuckin coy about it and making everyone figure it out in forums and stuff

I have had Profession: Lumberjack on my character sheet since I joined this game in May 2013. I *think* I've used it, but not for YEARS

This is one of the reasons I don't like games where you only have a few things on your character sheet. You can't have background skills that rarely come up like this.

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Me to DM: if the final boss of the campaign is a tree, and my skill in Profession: Lumberjack doesn't come up, I'm going to be a little disappointed

Opening this session wondering if we can talk a The Tree into helping us kill a vampire.

I was just reminded of a preview DVD I got in Dragon magazine years ago, it was a miniDVD with a CGI animated choose your own adventure following an adventuring party. Does anyone else have any recollection of this or any idea what that was?

I think there was a cool Earth elemental summon at one point?

our GM: Your characters will likely die. Think of it as playing a dynasty or organization more than anyone in particular. Don't get too attached.
Riddle of Steel: Okay, what do they believe in? What are their passions? What do they want?
Me: Oh no, I love my gay little faerie noble and I don't want her to die

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I wrote a blog post for the first time in a VERY, veryyyy long time. Thought some people might enjoy reading my ideas and inspirations for a campaign I might run.

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