The DM has established that I can spend 1 character point to have a bag of endless mummies.

A itch io bundle is being assembled to benefit Black Love Resists in Rust, a Buffalo based organization, and is looking for submissions. Instructions are in this tweet:

CW reference to gun violence 

Someone I follow on Twitter is interested in an bundle for the victims in Buffalo, and is looking for info from someone with experience putting bundles together.


Okay, yet another Evening/Weekend project complete! The Okinawa-class Federation Frigate. Originally it's from the old Starfleet Command games from Interplay. This particular ship is named the U.S.S. Lapwai, NCC-955. 8K shots in the thread, and orthos and schematics on the way.


My niece complained that her friends call her a Tory because she doesn’t like Aldi, and I’m just happy that 14 year olds know that “Tory” is an insult

I hope to create some actual #ttrpg stuff next week, and maybe share it to Twitter if I can make it spoiler-free. I'm currently enjoying this very simple, #dnd ampersand phone theme. Good night everyone.

Huh, cool: This is, at time of publishing, the most we know about the original release date of D&D was probably late January or early February 1974,:

Looks like the Fudge RPG Discord server disappeared. Anyone have any insight on what happened?

#FudgeRPG #ttrpg

A charity bundles raising money for reproductive rights with a LOT of God looking RPGs. Looks to be much more my speed as well, less weird freeform stuff and more traditional RPGs

And because you can't mention one without the other, Babylon 5 is also one of my favorite shows and favorite soundtracks. The writing is great, Christopher Franke is on point. Such a good show.

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Ironsworn / Starforged. Ironsworn got me into solo roleplaying and got me excited about all of the possibilities therein. It also helped me really understand how PbtA can define the tenor of a game.

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Eclipse Phase is one of my favorite settings of all time. It's Transhuman Horror but also acknowledging how everything would be in that kind of hellscape.

And it's Creative Commons licensed.

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Today in : Arthur (My character) tries to think up 1001 uses for a room full of mummies, while the archaeologists try to NOT have us do that XD

I like content warnings 

I'm becoming increasingly fond of having them as a title for the post. makes me feel well organized

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