got feet doooown belooooow his knees! 

NOW LIVE WITH Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and Lost Ocean at , come join me for a chill stream talking to all NPCs TWICE! #streaming #Gameing

Lewd, silly, a bad idea irl 

@Canageek ya exactly - CR is just a numerical mess that ppl get super hung up on, when it's really just a ballpark estimate of toughness

real tabletop adventure balance is making risk/reward well-telegraphed, rather than ensuring that every encounter is going to fit into a perfect difficulty curve that challenges the players but never too much

let players decide what they're up for, and face down the dragon that's five levels higher than them with a solid plan and an escape route

old castles/castle ruins are cool as fuck

is the only non-social I know that dedicates paragraphs to playing , and characters.

1/ Reality Storms may transform you into someone closer to your current ideal self (including radical body changes).

2/ Your Soul is visible in the GodNet, not your body. The mismatch may attract attention from the (very medieval) Cyberchurch authorities.

It's not huge and I don't know how it will turn out, but it definitely looks interesting.

OK, thinking my next character will be a ranger, but one who is SUPER focused on the human ways of doing things, avoiding most magic as he thinks the elves are over-reliant on it.

Parenting (cute) 

yall make me wanna be a better person and tbh that's the best one can expect of friends.
or at the very least it's one of the best human qualities.

Writing about Elspeth for Card Kingdom.

Someone was very clever, naming her spear Godsend. (God-send, because it was a gift from Heliod; God's-end, because she used it to kill Xenagos.)

My D&D group asked for the Aboleth's pronouns.

Of course, they have ancestral memory and therefore ancestral identity, so the answer is a bit complicated for those who don't experience that. Not so much non-binary as non-singular. In this particular Aboleth's case, it was literally a plural form of 'he/him'.

Take that, grammar prescriptivists.

Thinking of taking the character creation system from Mongoose Traveller and converting it for GURPS.

Idle thought: it is known that most D&D campaigns don't make it up to high levels; they tend to end up stopping around level 7 or 8, according to Mike Mearls, for various reasons -- people move away, or there's not enough time, or the DM wants to stop DMing, etc. I suspect that this is also true of streamed campaigns; lots and lots of those end up fading or vanishing or stopping. I wonder if the proportions are the same?

laser violence and gore but a joke and not too gory 

Oh no. Oh dear. People are discussing Battletech socioeconomics in something other than fearful whispers. Do they want to summon Cthulhu? That's how you summon Cthulhu without needing to bother running a cult.

Just totally froze up at a simple question and anther player had to take over. wth I might be socially awkward sometimes but I never in my life recall freezing up like that.

Despite the dice hating me, I have successfully completed awkward social interaction.

Ok, next roll in the fantasy game? NOT main diplomat!

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