No job, farm mortgage due, help save the alpacas 19 Feb: and stuff: 2 trans pride bracelets, 1 6", 1 7", both $20 ea; rainbow hand armor, $30, I have 2; rainbow badge lanyard, $25, 1 avail; rainbow stretch necklace, designed for nursing mothers to give baby something to grab other than mommy's hair, 1 avail, $40. Shipping included in price.
help if you can, boost if you can't, tnx

Midas Cigars give the smoker the temporary ability to sense nearby stores of precious metals (which makes them popular among thieves) and are notable for their distinctive golden smoke, however they are not without side-effects, and long-term use will eventually kill you by gradually turning your lungs to solid gold.

Lost my job, have to pay the farm mortgage, inventory clearance 16 Feb: Four bracelets, $15 each postpaid in the USA, two stainless steel, one with embedded anodized aluminum, one anod, one brass, take $5 off for two or more

There's lots of tales about my grandparents but my favorite is how they met and how they fell in love.

Grandma would say, back in the day, nan was so hot she'd set a whole building on fire.
And nan would say, if grandma hadn't broken through a door and hauled her across the threshold she would've never fallen in love with her.

The fact grandma was a firefighting djinni rescuing a land-trapped merprincess only enhances the tale.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #UrbanFantasy #LGBT

Lost my job, still no new one, inventory clearance 14 Feb: Dragonscale bracelet, 7", green over blue, $40 postpaid within the US to

🎶 It's the final countdown 🎶
Probably only the community will miss it, and they will miss it a lot...

It is a dread thing I do.

But until I have this RPG out of my head y'all are suffering alongside me.

My day job got eliminated. The vet bills from recent livestock losses have put our family farm behind on the mortgage. We're facing foreclosure and eviction. I'm offering this shirt for $600 including USA shipping, originally priced at $900 plus shipping. If the shirt is out of your reach, please boost. I have links below.

Job loss inventory clearance: I have two of these left in stock, $25 including USA shipping. Mixed anodized aluminum and neoprene, one size fits most.

goddammit. god fucking damn it.
fucking weretortoise killed my legendary blacksmith. they'd only just finished a mood and were supposed to be churning out furniture. but no.


How does one embed the kind of metadata used by e.g. Zotero to auto-cite a web page?

Question about racism in Dungeons and Dragons. Show more

Let me tell you about my players' party! Show more

Oddly, I thought I kind of flubbed the description on my Call of Cthulhu scenario, and did a good job on my Dark Matter one.

However, I guess a) CoC has name recognition, and b) Sunday Afternoon is always a bit dead?

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