When the party comes back to town with some not so legal loot and the town guard pulls them over for a random check. #dungeonsanddragons #dnd #dndmemes #dnd5e #Dmproblems #ttrpg

remembering a blogger who died 


@DialMforMara is asking people to sit down to pay a convoke cost in their D&D/MtG game.


@ajanionthespot @Jmaurer Please don't give us one of the clouds we haven't matched to a god yet. Ariel would be fine intoning all the names until one got their attention, but I'd find it awkward.

I do kind of want a chance to say "Setirov, your mother is worried about you"

Our party:

-Gunsmith/inventor/mechanic/engineer (me)
-Untranformed Deep One and radio personality
-Assassin and cult chosen one escapee
-Viking priest

And someone just fired a stone arrow with deerskin wrapped around it at our cabins front door.

We are in the middle of no where.

The note reads LEAVE.

Did I mention the last three people here where murdered despite being heavily armed rough and tumble hunters?

To be fair, they where a LOT less paranoid then we are.

This lead to a really long discussion of which way the exterior door would open while the assassins player went BUT WHAT IS ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE DOOR

There is a knock at the door. The assassin opens it gun ready without waking anyone else up. *siggghhh*

Two of the stones in the circle have been rotated. These two also had really soft dirt around them. Someone has already been messing with them‽

I've built a bad vibes (mana) detector that seems to work but just tells us the same thing as the Viking priest so far.

oh. It feels less evil inside the circle now that we've dug it up.

Did we just let something evil out?


Might be too exclude a specific area from the circle? So you have a pacman type shape?

Have dug up all the magic stones! two of them are facing the wrong way!

Does anyone want to be on my #YVR list? Trying to actually start talking to local people more as @DialMforMara has such a cool Seattle community that is also on Mastodon

time! Starting the session trying to find the third magic stone in the corridor of not-evil feelings between the two weird mana areas

*walks up to a straight couple* so which of you is the potion seller and which of you is the knight going into battle

Folks, the one thing that #meetup solved was not "RSVPs for events", it was getting events in front of a motivated community and promoting them. Rebuilding the RSVP functionality isn't going to wrestle anyone from Meetup's new changes. What we need are folks who are willing to try out alternatives and report back to their community on what works best for them.

gettogether.community already exists and has users on it. Try that first and let's get the "community" part of meetup started.

fall avatar by @raktajino !!! autumn vibes ✨ 🍁 :dragnuwu: 🍂 ✨

Is it possible to plot ttrpgs on a continuum from "less erotic" to "most erotic"? (If so, please show your work.) Or is it a binary distinction - some ttrpgs are erotic and others aren't?

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