Oh sweet, LRR moved away from Reddit for submitting nicknames for their inevitable nickname show! It's now at ttc-nicknames.azurewebsites.ne

minor lewd mention 

the lack of orc-elf hybrid representation is criminal so have some sexy orc-elf archetypes:

Orc-elf vibes 1:
-half pretty, half gruff, all disaster
-pointy teeth, obviously
-shaggy unkempt hair and wrinkled clothes
-bags under eyes

-Simultaneously nerd and jock
-Himbo and/or bimbo
-Hyperfixates constantly
-Wants to be friends with everyone, except paladins, occasionally stuffs paladins into dumpsters
-wants to talk to you even though they have no idea what you're actually saying

edh podcast: it's hard to commit six mana to something in a single turn

me, a green player: I don't understand

Buzzfeed will call Mastodon the Dark Souls of social media before the year is out.

@Canageek I've played with Kevin S. at cons, and he's a fun GM, very permissive until he isn't because you're making the game unfun for others. The books are practical house rules.

From forum.rpg.net/index.php?thread

This is a lot of the reason I look sideeyed at people who are too into Yes, And.

You WILL get players who will abuse it, and you WILL have to say no to them. You will get everyone onboard for a fantasy game and then have That Guy trying and invent gunpowder. Saying no to that is FINE

"I think, in the intervening years, he got pretty sick of that player going "Well, can I set the guy's hair on fire? No? Well, how about his clothes? It says I can set flammable objects on fire. Clothes are flammable. No, they are! Let me get a lighter, here...""

"You will see, in various Palladium products, a lot of preemptive "NO YOU CAN'T DO THAT" from KS. I heard him speak about his GMing style at a convention once, maybe twenty years ago. Back in that day, he talked about how he enjoyed how a player of his had abruptly come up with how his character had made a flamethrower out of random objects."

Are you going to be at the Terminal City Tabletop Convention this year? I’ll be running two games (RuneQuest and Delta-Green). Come and say hi, or maybe even play with me! #tctc2020 tctc2020.sched.com/overview/ty

It was a stormy night. She dressed warmly and put on her antigravity belt. We went outside where she hugged me, then activated it.
She laughed as the wind picked her up and carried her away.
I listened to her laugh until it was gone, then went back inside. She'll send a postcard.
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Fantasy universe in which people build "wands" using obsolete microcontrollers to perform reality glitching feats, and the "spellbooks" are just notepads detailing how to run each program.

Dear polyam friends: Would any of you be willing to read over a short tabletop blog post of mine and let me know if I am hitting on any problematic issues? I'm new to the community and while I've gotten some good responses to my #SexPositiveDnD setting ideas, I want to check things over first, you know? It won't take long, its only about two pages in total with lots of whitespace.

@ackthrice please spam until you have the best motivation group you can ever dream of

re: Critical role discourse 

Critical role discourse 

concept: a dragon with a hoard of girl scout cookies

punchline A for this concept - the dragon is the leader of the local troop. look at all the badges her darling scouts have collected! they all went camping this summer, would you like to see all the slides??

punchline B for this concept - the dragon used to have a hoard of gold but then there were some kids asking at their door if they wanted some cookies and before they even realized what was happening, they had 5000 boxes of thin mints

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