update: Wow we have to do a disk swap.

Our Roll20 chat log has gotten so large that our GM cannot load up Roll20 and the chat archive loads like hell, so he's saved a copy of the archive and is giving the night for everyone else to save it, then he's gonna delete it all and we're starting with a fresh chat log next session.

Does anyone have any good RPG playlists on YouTube other than the ones that come up when you search "rpg playlist"?

I'm lookin for some good curated stuff, nothing specific just... something new.

For assembling a mini that needs gluing, is there a specific kind of glue I should use? Or will super glue work alright? I'd rather avoid breaking out the glue gun, but I also dont want to invest in miniature supplies since I dont plan on doing this often


For a while now I have been looking for a good alternative for the long defunct Google Reader. I finally found it today with Commafeed. It has all the features I need including a dark theme, and works great with @kensanata's RPG Planet. ^_^

Speaking of , we had an intermission roleplay for Wulfriss to catch up with his father Sigmund while we have some downtime. I love Sigmund so much, he's such a stereotypical dad who likes doing dad things.

Sigmund: "I'm probably embarrassing you with all of this praise, I'm just so proud of everything you've done. Anyway, SO ARE YOU GONNA HOOK UP WITH ANY OF THOSE GIRLS YOU'VE BEEN TRAVELLING WITH? AM I GONNA HAVE GRANDKIDS?"
Wulfriss: "Why would you do this."

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It seems the third largest known natural fireball to go off in earth's atmosphere should have an adventure behind it, doubly so when the US military delayed telling NASA's planetary defence officer for a while

@Canageek that's probably the best time to play it. I'm running a game set in 2005 in East Megalos and sometimes it's difficult to come up with material in such a settled and rigid area. Maybe I'm just in a dry spell with GURPS 🤷

Theo likes the idea of destabilising the Viking kingdom with a religious scism, though he is less of a fan of promoting the competing religion.
On the other hand, he is of the more Saxony Woden/Thunor form, and didn't like the influence the Odin/Thor Vikings have...

It seems unlike the last Viking king (who we might have helped die) this king while technically banning christenity in his lands, isn't doing any work to find them if they keep their heads down.

Now they are figuring out how to sneak Christan monks back to the Viking lands.

My pagan druid has not been invited to these discussions for some reason.


Ok, they are in pilgrimage obviously, but why are our evenings enemies sneaking into our holy sites to pray?


New rule: the ranger must be supervised at all times.

Why does the one player with really good stealth always do the stupidest stuff?

This is the player who has been shot by... pretty much every new group of people we've met. (Goblins, dwarves, centaurs)

We think there are vikings in the church
We send the ranger to scout
Ranger hears Christian singing inside. Concludes everything must be fine.



My idea is that it is also set in a modern day setting, but closer to our reality. However, instead of football becoming the big US sport, they underwent a big Roman Stuff Is Cool phase after WWII, and revived GLADIATORIAL COMBAT. Then about say, twenty years ago? Possibly a bit more? Someone had the idea to extend this to full on DUNGEON CRAWLING.


It seems the third largest known natural fireball to go off in earth's atmosphere should have an adventure behind it, doubly so when the US military delayed telling NASA's planetary defence officer for a while

Where's the documentation on how message queues actually work? I'm trying to figure out if I've got a message or operation that is hanging the queue and causing work to back up behind it, but can't find documentation for troubleshooting.

Me: I've never played a tabletop RPG in real life ever, I'm a broke grad student and the last thing I need is useless knick-knacks cluttering up my rental apartment.

Also me: I want to buy...... pretty dice........

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