LOTS of Warhammer and D&D maps that are obviously being used by a small number of gaming groups.

Every version of 18XX

Small board games that would be almost impossible to find today.

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Yes, most of the mods are just pirated popular games, doubly so in the first few hundred pages (sorted from most subscribers)

But then you get into the more obscure stuff. SPI games from the 70s. Wargames that Gygax would have been playing.

A *ton* of mods for other games (Heroquest and Gloomhaven) that you can try out.

People using it to playtest boardgames they have made themselves.

Ok, I'm reading through every mod on Tabletop Simulator. I'm at page 1022 at 30 mods a page and one thing has struck me: How many freaking copies of Everyone if John there are.

Does...does it even need pieces? Isn't it freeform? Why are there so many versions of it (almost 20!) Why do people keep uploading more versions of it?



Watch "The Science of Warhammer 40k - Transhuman Dread" on YouTube youtu.be/iJtZoZhcD5Q

This is a tiny YouTube channel just starting out, where a psychology grad student examines concepts from fiction and if they hold up to current research. The first video was really good and I encourage people to check it out, I love this sort of science outreach.

It isn't the point of this article, but I think this does an excellent job describing why people played wargames back in the 1960s and 70s, and matches everything I've seen in old issues of The Dragon and The Strategic Review.


Hey all. The COVID era has been a bit rough on me, so I've not been reading as much horror and obscure stuff as normal, leaning more into watching movies and other escapist things. That said, I'm trying to return, and thought I'd start with this article I opened in my browser months and months ago:


Might be interesting that in the Viking era people used mountain passes as major travel routes, could be good for ambushes or world building.

Ok, but what about physically distanced board games.

Like, played in person but with really big pieces that you push around on long sticks, like those giant wall chessboards they used to use to show the audience what was going on

@Canageek I love the concept of Dragonborn, and in general the inclusion of races that are just allowed to be fun.

But this image is a prime example of some of the worst trends in "fantasy" design. Just add more of everything until it becomes even more generic. I loved D&D4E (relatively), but the visual identity of characters and monsters was a big letdown.

@Canageek Well, Final Fantasy mixes anime and MMOs, which are the two biggest examples of this level of over the top. It is hardly "typical".

But I think 5E D&D stepped back on that (at least compared to 4E)? And there are other trends in different games and movies. It all tends a bit towards "grimdark pseudo-realism" these days, but it tends to far be less exaggerated. 4E went all-in to pauldrons the size of a horse, and it still shows.

Dragonborn look really cool, but they are suck a product of current D&D design asthetics. I would love to see someone draw them in the classic fantasy 2nd edition art style, when armour was still at least loosely based on historical designs and such

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HUH, this is strange. It seems NO ONE has done a Let's Read of the Star Drive campaign setting for Alternity that google can find?

Am I wrong on this? o.0

Oh my gosh, the Cosmic Wimpout people made a comic in 1979 and it is on their website, and it is SO 1979, I could see my Dad saying half the stuff in the comic when hanging out with his old friends. (Not so much today, but when I was growing up... heck, I think he named an NPC in a D&D game he ran for me as a kid Arckle)


Commander Legends, been waiting for this one literally as long as I've been playing Magic 

Reading about Car Wars GURPS scenarios and.... "A town - one it suggest the GM set as connected to at least on of the PCs - is being menaced by a group of raiders "Four on the Floor" who have been riding into town, attacking, looting, and then fleeing."

Now makes me think of car sized otters in pirate outfits dashing into town, raiding it then bouncing off into the night due to @Oneironott

(Ok, so I"m thinking of like a ferret/otter hybride, due to otters not moving SUPER well on land)

Star Drive: Galactic War 2 happened and The Verge was cut off for ages, now we've reestablished contact! (They just messed up the timescale so the campaign is set like THIRTY YEARS later. There are TWO generations that won't REMEMBER being cut off due to the war!)

Eberron: The Last War *just* ended a year or two ago, and no one knows what peace means and there are old military bases, battle fields and secret weapons are all over the damn place.

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Also it is amazing how much elements of Eberron and Star Drive have influenced my ideas for campaign settings.

I have two custom campaign settings I'm suggesting I could run for the group, and both of them involve a recently ended war and a weakened nation giving rise to adventure opportunities in regions that the player's nation hasn't been to for a while or are damaged by the war.

Writing up setting ideas and one of them has been summed up by one of my players as "Kyresti Made Me a Furry For Great Justice"

(I might have been less then subtle with the inspiration for one of my wizard-engineers NPCs in the setting description. Specifically the one that figures out permanent transformation magic and how to give people new bodies)


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