"Interruptions (John & Laura Lakey, AD&D 2e Tome of Magic, TSR, 1991)" Via oldschoolfrp.tumblr.com/post/6

Damn, I love 2nd edition era artwork. Too bad that they didn't discover it was possible to paint fully dressed women until 1998, but there is something about the colours that was lost in the transition to digital artwork.

This art has lured me back into

Damn I love this style of art and wish I knew the name.


Thesis defence date is Dec 16th at 2 pm, DM me if you want to attend on zoom.

I think the most problematic RPG I'd like to run would be a less British take on Space 1889, in which the players serve the Emperor, trying to carve out a spot on Mars among other colonial powers racing for "a place in the canals," and facing attacks by Shinsengumi nationalists.

This would be very much The Splitting Up of the Melon on another planet; our heroes wouldn't necessarily be the good guys, here.

GOTO 10 : REM go directly to 10, do not gosub 230, do not let x=x+1

Someone recommended the SimEarth manual as noteworthy and I was like “oh, sure, it’ll just have some basic biology fluff” and instead it immediately slams you with “IN ORDER TO HAVE A HOLISTIC UNDERSTANDING OF OUR BIOSPHERE, YOU MUST FIRST UNDERSTAND THE LIVING GODDESS EARTH”

According to The Dragon #31 this dragon, painted by Steve Brown, won the Dragontooth Dragon Painting Contest sponsored by Tom Loback Artworks at Gencon XII.

Wow, miniature painting has really advanced as an art form.

can't believe I have to say this every year, but it's halloween this month, please tag/cw any posts that have blood/gore or any of that other gross stuff, same goes for profile images. ta

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